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magnetix says it took decisive recall actions

by:Newland     2019-11-12
Despite the impact that Mega Brands Inc. has had on its finances and reputation due to the recall of the Magnetix product line
Believe it has developed a strategy for positioning popular building toys for a long time.
\"We took very decisive action a month ago to make sure we started looking at the rear --
Marc Bertrand, president of the company, said yesterday after the company\'s annual meeting.
The big brands made two global recalls, the second due to confusion about building safety, which was blamed for the death of a child and the injury of several others who swallowed a powerful magnet.
Prior to last month\'s recall, it was reported that the old products included in the previous recall were sold together with the new, safer design.
Only the Magnetix suit with an intake warning on the package will be returned to the market for sale to the consumer.
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