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magnetic water - is it for real?

by:Newland     2019-09-05
In this article I will try to explain how the magnetic water works.
First of all, I would like to talk about whether water can be magnetized, and then quickly review the possible health benefits of drinking magnetic water, and finally the simplest and most effective method of magnetic water.
Can water be magnetized?
Many of us understand the basic need to drink clean and healthy water.
But what is healthy water? Why do we need it?
We have more than 70% water.
All biological functions, including circulation, digestion, absorption and excretion, depend on water.
Water is needed for blood, the lymphatic system, and healthy skin and muscles.
Doctors, scientists, researchers, and natural therapists all believe that drinking enough water every day helps to stay healthy and may help fight disease.
Most experts recommend drinking at least one liter of water a day to help maintain healthy skin and normal functioning kidneys, intestines and blood circulation.
Water is shunmagnetic, which means it has a magnetic charge.
Magnetism mainly occurs in some or all substances where a single atom, ion, or molecule has a permanent magnetic even moment.
There is a couple moment in the water and, therefore, is affected by the magnetism. (
At the University of Tokyo, researchers were able to use magnets to suspend water (Source: Nature. Ikezoe, N. Hirota, J. Nakagawa and K.
Beize, water suspended, natural 393 (1998)749-750).
Again, water molecules are polar.
Due to the opposite charge attraction, water molecules tend to attract each other (
Kelly and Andrews, 1998).
Water in the life system naturally gathers in the structure of molecules 14, 17, 21, 196, 280 or more (Mikesell, 1985; Davis, 2004).
The bottom line is that water can be structured or ionised or magnetized using magnets (Mikesell, 1985).
It has been a long history to promote magnets to improve the quality and health benefits of water.
The researchers found that when a permanent medical magnet is in contact with water, the water creates a magnetic charge and has magnetic properties.
This magnetic treated water will affect the human body during regular internal service for a considerable period of time (Lam, 2001).
In addition, when the water is treated by magnetic treatment, more oh (OH-)
Ions are made into alkaline molecules and reduce acidity.
The pH value of the normal water is about 7, while the alkaline of the purified water is stronger.
Studies have shown that water can be restored to its original state of health through magnetic water.
It is clear now that there is a very clear structure for water.
A water molecule consists of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.
Because of the electronic configuration of molecules, hydrogen atoms tend to attract other water molecules, thus forming clusters, each of which can contain 4 to hundreds of water molecules.
Some very exciting research conducted in Hungary shows that these clusters actually have memories and can remember and carry the imprint of the magnetic energy they are only exposed to from the Earth\'s magnetic field, or pass through the magnetic rock.
In fact, this memory is destroyed on the way to the faucet, which makes our drinking water lifeless. (Zhalko-
Tytarenko, Olga, etc.
The effect of endogenous magnetic field on the free energy of hydrogen bond formation in water.
2nd Advanced Water Science Seminar, Dallas, Texas, October 46, 1996.
Program, page. 23-27 ).
Drinking magnetic water is good for health.
The water is called energy-
Build, activate, clean and detox.
It is reported that people solve the bladder problem by drinking magnetic water, recover quickly from the wind, relieve arthritis pain and reduce blood pressure.
If scientific research on animals proves that magnetic water is good for health, it should also be good for humans, which may be reasonable.
However, no systematic clinical trials have been conducted so far to prove or refute the therapeutic effect of magnetic water on humans. (
Gurche, Siegfried and Lorna, Zoltan.
Encyclopedia of natural healing.
Living Publishing Company
Canada is 1997. 400-07 )
Here are all the statements that list the potential benefits of drinking magnetic water :-
The purified water tastes sweeter and the clarity is higher. -
Magnetic water promotes more alkaline pH in the body-
Magnetic water promotes the healing of wounds and burns
Magnetic water has a therapeutic effect on digestion, nerves and urinary system
Magnetic water is also good for fever, sore throat, menstrual period and menopause discomfort. -
Magnetic water to activate the body-
Magnetic water has a positive effect on the autonomous nervous system
Magnetic water is reported to help regulate heart function and clear blocked arteries
Magnetic water is good for kidney disease, gout, obesity and premature aging --
Magnetic water can relieve pain
Magnetic water injects energy into the body, controls bacteria and stimulates brain function.
These statements are true and are still to be tested scientifically.
It will take decades to fully understand the science of magnetized water.
People in mainstream medicine may think that magnetic water is a \"snack in rivers and lakes \".
At the forefront of magnetic research, a different story is depicted.
If we understand and accept that each of our cells has a small magnetic field, as many studies now support, the logical conclusion that magnetic water has the ability to influence our cells must be taken seriously.
The most effective way to recharge drinking water.
I advocate magnetic water with a bipolar magnetic water rod.
This is a fast, efficient, simple, and economical way.
Here\'s more data on the Water Bar.
The magnetic water stick is 14 cm (5¾ inch)
Long, looks like a pen with ceramic balls at the end.
The long-lasting anti-lime scale rh coating protects 2 bipolar magnets inside, totaling 2300 Gaussian (230 m Tesla).
Since you are actually putting the magnet directly into the water, the magnetic field penetrates the water very quickly.
A glass of water (200 -250 ml)
10 to 15 minutes away from the magnet.
In order to charge a liter of gasoline, I recommend placing the magnetic water stick for an hour.
Remember, you don\'t have to drink only water.
You can magnetized any cold fluid with a water bar!
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