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Magnetic technology of international currency and financial beauty magnetic industry at home and abroad the basic details

by:Newland     2020-04-11
Magnetic technology co. , LTD. Is a professional do all kinds of magnet, perennial cooperate with customers and jointly solve about the magnet of the specifications of the products, shape, tolerance, the problem such as performance, long round magnets, square for general cargo are magnetic, bread, magnetic, magnetic rod size of large size with the first class products, details can call our website hotline! 1. Natural resources: is expected to further standardize the rare earth ore for examination and approval of tungsten mining right management, continue to suspend to accept the new set for the application for registration of the rare earth ore prospecting and exploitation; Want to apply for a new tungsten mining, should conform to the requirements of the national industrial policy and the exploitation of total amount control. 2. The ministry: will continue to increase the intensity of platform construction, to promote industrial enterprises on the cloud, the implementation of industrial Internet APP cultivation project, create a good environment for the development of the atmosphere. 3. To promote industrial structure adjustment in henan province fight pollution prevention plan issued by the completed work, encouraged to actively participate in the national iron and steel enterprise cross-regional, cross ownership steel industry merger and reorganization, the province integrating construction two large integrated iron and steel enterprises; Is expected by the end of 2020 the province principle construction and expansion of new capacity pure overcapacity in industry projects, new chemical industrial park is prohibited. 4. Strive for the province of hubei province in 2019 the new 10 listed companies. Plan throughout the province to select a number of reserve 'kechuang board' seed companies, to ensure that 1 - 2 the first offering the kechuang board, add 3 - all the year round 5 kechuang board listed companies. 5. Shanghai and shenzhen two cities opened higher after unilateral sharply downward, the Shanghai composite index fell to zero. 61% to 2483. 9 points, even three days; The shenzhen component index fell 1. 02% to 7215. 34 points, refers to the gem fell 1. 26% to 1248. 08 PM, wind fell A 0. 91%. The two cities throughout 263. 8 billion yuan, north contrarian inflows into more than 500 million yuan. Sector, 5 g plate differentiation will worsen, the head stocks continued to rally, but the rest of the tech stocks is relatively bad; Venture capital shares across the board, an exodus of oil plate dropped across the board. Individual stocks, sinopec afternoon flash crash, fell six volumes. The second big drop 75%, the years, once rose nearly 4% in early trading; China's ping an embarrassed 10 losses; Hong retreating in the last trading day, rose nearly 5%, late hit harden. 6. The eu budget commissioner urban oettinger: the British parliament is still possible in the January 2019's vote in favour of Teresa may take off the agreement, and at the end of march out of the European Union; But most British people do not support disorderly to take off the or likely to hold another referendum. 7. Cisa: early December the point crude steel mills nissan estimates for 187. 220000 tons, year-on-year increase to 2. 07%, year-on-year increase of nearly 5. 24%; XunMo key enterprise inventory for 1216. 430000 tons, dipping 3. 36%, year-on-year increase in 3. 78%. 8. The yuan against the dollar in the middle price adjustment to demote 49 points, 6. 8894. The previous session of the yuan against the dollar at 6 in the middle. 8845:30 close at 6. June 8821:30 night closed at six. 8848. A: sintered ndfeb production process: next article ndfeb strong magnet of the main causes of aging is introduced
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