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Magnetic suction eyelash magnet ( Principle advantages material specifications) Introduce _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-29
Magnet magnetic eyelash, that is, we say false eyelashes, ancient Egypt and Rome as early as 2000 BC has recorded the false eyelash. With the help of the false eyelash eyelash will get longer and thicker, and then makes the eyes look bigger, brighter, more full. New blood magnetic eyelash is false eyelash, praised by the great majority of users and praise. Magnetic eyelash is the use of the principle of magnets opposites attract, invented the use magnetic fused false eyelashes, do not need to use any glue can be fixed false eyelash. The advantages of magnetic eyelash: no eyelash glue. The traditional fixed requires the use of false eyelash eyelash glue, some users also highly allergic to eyelash glue. Then there is magnetic eyelash can use repeatedly. What kind of material is magnet magnetic eyelash usually? What are the main specification? Magnetic eyelash magnet made of ndfeb materials, main specifications include 5 & times; 1× 0. 25 mm and 3 & times; 1× 0. 25毫米。 In order to help maintain a beautiful eyelash magnetic, magnetic eyelash magnet unit weight is very low. Magnet magnetic eyelash will use professional adhesive on the false eyelashes. Above is about the magnet magnetic eyelash related introduction, we are magnet direct manufacturers, welcome advisory customize all kinds of material of the magnet.
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