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Magnetic steel is refers to the permanent magnets? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
Magnetic steel is refers to the permanent magnets? Magnetic steel is refers to the permanent magnets? This question a lot of people are not clear, hazy, today on the issue a project in detail. Magnetic steel is refers to the permanent magnets? B: yes. Magnetic steel meaning is very wide, in simple terms is a permanent magnet, the traditional call tool. Others say magnetic steel is summary. What magnetic materials magnetic steel contain? Magnetic steel containing injection of bonded magnetic ferrite, ndfeb, samarium cobalt, alnico, sintered ndfeb, etc. , generally say magnets in front of it is best to add a prefix, such as sintered ndfeb magnets, ferrite magnets, so more clearly. Magnets which performance index is better? The rare-earth cobalt, ndfeb these two aspects better performance indicators, specific see your product application, fit is good. Magnets can noe how many degrees? Magnetic steel and heat-resistant or not, depends on the material of it, then its volume. Ndfeb magnets inside the brushless motor is usually used for M, H, SH, UH four label materials. M 100 degrees of heat-resistant material, become the first selection of electric motor; H 120 degrees of heat-resistant material, SH is expected to 150 degrees of heat-resistant, UH 180 degrees of heat-resistant, small make up shortly before the motor is customer need proofing in shijiazhuang and heat-resistant & 180 deg; The ndfeb magnet. That is about the magnetic steel is refers to the permanent magnets that introduction, small make up by magnetic steel manufacturer share, magnetic steel proofing, quotation demand welcome to contact us!
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