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Magnetic separator magnetic circuit design and magnetic separator magnet material introduce _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-28
Magnetic separator is at the heart of the indispensable equipment in iron ore beneficiation. Is more than 80% of the mineral resource in China & other; Poverty, miscellaneous, fine & throughout; In every region of the ore, ore genesis are also quite different. In recent years, the boundary grade of iron ore mining is more and more low, the development and utilization of weakly magnetic iron ore increase year by year, domestic magnetic separation equipment in high magnetic induction intensity, large capacity, high recovery of magnetic minerals, equipment specifications of non-standard sex and for different ore genesis of design model selection of one-to-one direction. Followed by the improvement on the traditional magnetic separation equipment, mainly around the separation accuracy, expand the application field, processing capacity, application of new type of magnetic material, energy saving energy consumption and the use of advanced technology and so on. Magnetic flux concentration through the closed circuit called a magnetic circuit. Magnetic separator magnetic department need to produce a certain intensity of magnetic field, but also for most of the magnetic flux can focus through the separation of space. Magnetic system of height, width, radius, and the number of adjacent poles of the magnetic head and pole pitch, extremely surface width, and the ratio of gap width, the poles and the shape of the face, and magnetic pole end face's distance to the center of the alignment of magnetic field characteristics have a big impact. As shown in the following figure magnetic separator as an example, the magnetic circuit part adopts five magnetic department, each pole composed of ferrite and nd-fe-b bonded, screw through the magnetic block center hole and fixed on the magnetic guide, magnetic guide by the bracket and fixed on the cylinder of the shaft, the magnetic system is fixed, the cylinder can rotate. The polarity of the magnetic pole arranged alternately along the circumference, along the axial polarity is the same. Set to the outside of the magnetic system is the drum made of stainless steel non magnetic materials, using the magnetic material is in order to avoid the lines of magnetic force can't through the cylinder into the selected partition, and cylinder form magnetic short circuit. Tub sites near the magnetic also should use the magnetic materials, the rest with ordinary steel or hard plastic sheet. Permanent magnet for permanent magnetic separator is one of the main parts, the stand or fall of permanent magnets determines its performance characteristics. Permanent magnet magnetic separation machine is generally made from a certain size ( For example, long & times; Wide & times; High = 85 & times; 65× 21 mm) And therefore customarily called permanent magnet block or magnetic block. Can do magnetic system of permanent magnet materials have a permanent magnetic ferrite magnetic separator, aluminum nickel and cobalt chromium, iron, cobalt and manganese iron, aluminum, samarium cobalt permanent magnet materials and ndfeb permanent magnet materials. At present domestic magnetic separation equipment in the mainstream of the permanent magnet material mainly is the permanent magnetic ferrite ( Barium ferrite, strontium ferrite) , followed by the ndfeb permanent magnet materials. In the design of magnetic department, need according to the actual circumstances of the various aspects to choose to use what kind of permanent magnetic material, influencing factors could be summed up as the following aspects; 1, magnetic field intensity: within the specified working space to produce a constant magnetic field, the magnetic field strength size determines the need to adopt what kind of permanent magnetic material. Ndfeb permanent magnet ferrite magnetic is much higher. 2, requirements on the stability of magnetic field, the permanent magnet material to the environment factors, such as temperature, humidity, vibration and shock and adaptive 3, mechanical properties, such as the toughness, flexural and compression strength of magnets and so on more than 4, price factor is about the magnetic separator magnetic circuit design and the magnet size material, I hope it can help you!
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