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Magnetic sensor and composite magnetic composite applications

by:Newland     2020-04-12
ASA magnetic sensor and composite magnet combination use, can easily achieve general sensors or magnetic resistance components do not realize the location of the repeat precision, composite magnet as shown in the figure below, is the three magnets on the iron plate according to the different polarity configuration composite magnets, the technology has obtained patent. If using composite magnets instead of single magnet, even change detection distance, ON areas can obtain almost the same area, and the detection distance of the even bigger, also can get ON area, composite magnet configuration, because ON the area near the border is closely related to the magnetic field gradient, compared with the use of single magnet, magnetic sensor action point the location of the repeat precision is greatly improved. Articles by Ricky xiaofu factory dongguan magnet card share, the company's main: injection molding magnets, ndfeb strong magnet, ferrite magnetic tile, magnetic rotor motor injection, sensor magnets, hall sensor multipole magnetic ring. If you have magnet customized requirements, welcome to contact us. More sensors related magnet; What kind of sensor with a magnet? Hall sensor with circular and parameters is introduced
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