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Magnetic rod specifications and types of | materials | | features introduced _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-30
What is a magnetic rod? Magnetic rod by the internal core and outer cladding, magnetic core, including cylindrical magnet piece and permeability of iron. Mainly used for raw material in iron pin; Filter tiny powder and liquid, half liquid iron impurities and other band of magnetic material, widely used in chemical, food, recycling, carbon black and other fields. What are the common magnetic rod specification? Magnetic rod specifications ( ∮19、∮22、∮25、∮28、∮32、∮38. 。 。 。 。 ) The product is fine becomes after five working procedure. Magnetic bar all with stainless steel case, effectively protect magnetic rod is not easy to damage. Rows of iron convenient; Pull the magnetic rod and adsorption sets in the ferromagnetic material automatic separation of magnetic rod. Continuous work; Out step by step a row of iron materials can continue to work, do not need to stop feeding. What is the magnet material magnetic rod use? Magnetic bar a lot of friends can be understood, it is mainly a filtering effect, but small make up today to introduce the usage for it is not, is not how it works, but about it used materials, including internal and external material. Magnet magnetic have greatly small, mainly because of its internal use of magnetic source is different, so cause the differences, in general, we should be selected for permanent magnets, why? We will simply introduce the next. Magnet structure is illustrated below. Most widely used in industrial magnet internal permanent magnets are used as the magnetic source, the surface of the stainless steel pipe, welded on both ends. Use its magnetic sorting out the tiny iron impurity from the material, thereby enhance the role of material purity, protect downstream equipment. Magnetic bar what are the commonly used types of permanent magnets? Commonly used are ndfeb, ferrite, samarium cobalt, the three of which ndfeb material use most, because of the high cost performance, strong magnetic force, many clients demand about 10000 gs or above the basic summary. What are the characteristics of magnetic rod? Magnetic rod characteristics as follows: the effective thick, large contact area, in addition to iron pole magnetic super. In addition to iron container, can be customized according to the requirements of customers processing. About the service life of the magnet to see usage, bar magnet production enterprises in general can work under heavy load 1. About five years, 8 years of work under light load, the usage. Above is about magnetic bar used material is introduced, the hope will be helpful to you, the next will be introduced at both ends of the magnet are why so strong, what is the mystery.
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