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Magnetic rod and its applications

by:Newland     2020-05-03
Magnetic rod is mainly used to filter tiny powder and liquid, liquid iron impurities and other band of magnetic material, the internal core and outer cladding, magnetic core, including cylindrical magnet piece and the permeability of iron. A good magnetic bar should be uniform spatial distribution of magnetic induction line, the biggest point of magnetic induction intensity distribution of magnetic poles, filled with the whole as is commonly placed in mobile product transfer lines, should be smooth surface resistance is small, do not contain harmful substances to the environment, avoid pollution materials and the environment. Magnetic rod working environment determines it must be a certain corrosion resistance, high temperature resistant properties, and some places need stronger magnetic induction intensity. Through the adoption of different thickness of permeability can get different magnetic induction intensity. Choose different magnet can decide its biggest magnetic induction strength and heat resistance performance, general to conventional 1 inch in diameter on the magnetic rod of do 12000 gauss above the surface of the magnetic induction intensity to N40 above models of ndfeb magnets. High temperature resistant magnet above the temperature over 150 degrees generally choose samarium cobalt magnet steel. But big diameter bar don't choose samarium cobalt, samarium cobalt, after all, price is very high, a diameter of 50 * 500 magnetic bar prices to tens of thousands of yuan. The surface of the magnetic rod magnetic induction intensity is proportional to the to the smallest particle size of adsorption, the battery, pharmaceutical and other fields of tiny iron impurities can also have a big impact, so want to choose the magnetic rod of about 12000 gauss. Can choose lower in other fields. In use in the process of contact with the fluid internal energy which will have some irreversible loss, packet loss is more than 30% of the initial strength or surface of iron, stainless steel tube wear burst, then need to replace magnetic bar, and cannot keep leakage magnet magnetic bar work, magnets are brittle, surface coating also some oil, the environmental pollution is larger. Domestic magnetic rod production enterprise general magnetic rod can work under heavy load 1 - 7-2 years, under the light load work For eight years. Magnetic bar is fine becomes after five working procedure. Mainly used for raw material in iron pin; The actual surface magnetic field of up to 6000 ~ 11000 gauss, can also according to customer specific requirements. By using high magnetic coercive force king, with silica gel or argon arc welding seal, and the use of special science skills. 。 Super magnetic rod characteristics as follows: effective thick, large contact area, in addition to iron pole magnetic super. In addition to iron container, can be customized according to the requirements of customers processing. Mainly used in plastic, food, environmental protection, filtering, chemical industry, electric power, building materials, ceramics, medicine, powder, mining, coal and other industries. Magnetic bar all with stainless steel case, effectively protect magnetic rod is not easy to damage. Rows of iron convenient; Pull the magnetic rod and adsorption sets in the ferromagnetic material automatic separation of magnetic rod. Continuous work; Out step by step a row of iron materials can continue to work, do not need to stop feeding. Magnetic rod is mainly used to remove liquid or powder, granule and ferromagnetic impurities in pulp is widely used in mining, plastic, ceramic, electric power, chemical, rubber, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, pigment, dyestuff, electronics, metallurgy and other industries. Can design according to the customer demand production of different diameter, different length, different working temperature of round or square magnetic rod.
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