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Magnetic proximity switch used magnets ( Material installation location) introduce

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Also belongs to the sensor, a magnetic proximity switch, magnetic is the magnet of its name, the strong magnet manufacturers today Ricky xiaofu is used in the magnetic proximity switch card magnet material performance, install and use, etc are introduced briefly. What is the magnet magnetic proximity switch use? Magnetic proximity switch on the market at present commonly used types of magnets are mainly rubber magnetic, sintered permanent magnetic ferrite, ndfeb strong magnet, small make up the main two more in the future. Magnetic proximity switch magnets installed in what place? Magnetic switch is installed on the surface of the fixed, magnet and proximity switch installed on the surface of the activity, near or far away from the magnetic reed switch will be decided and absorption and disconnect. That is about magnets are used to magnetic proximity switch ( Material installation location) Introduced, such as proximity switch magnets, magnet hall switch, speed induction magnetic steel purchasing wholesale demand, welcome to call Ricky.
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