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Magnetic proximity switch is introduced, Use type installation location principle) _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-30
Magnetic proximity switch is introduced, Use type installation location principle) One of magnetic proximity switch also belongs to the sensor, magnetic control switch magnetic switch intrusion detectors. By permanent magnet and reed pipe of two parts. Dry reed pipe is also called the reed pipe, its structure is in a glass tube filled with inert gas seal packaging two or more metal reed. According to the structure of the reed contacts, reed pipe can be divided into the normally open, normally closed, three types. What is the magnet magnetic proximity switch use? Magnetic proximity switch on the market at present commonly used types of magnets are mainly rubber magnetic, sintered permanent magnetic ferrite, ndfeb strong magnet, small make up the main two more in the future. Magnetic proximity switch magnets installed in what place? Magnetic switch is installed on the surface of the fixed, magnet and proximity switch installed on the surface of the activity, near or far away from the magnetic reed switch will be decided and absorption and disconnect. Magnetic proximity switch is mainly based on the displacement sensor in switch to close to change the perception of displacement method to classify, mainly include: inductive proximity switch: this electromagnetic closer to the switch in the application process there is a limit, is close to the object must be charged, because the working principle of this kind of switch is by the eddy current displacement sensors' charged body gives implementation of switch action. The working principle of capacitive proximity switch: this switch is capacitance poles change to realize the switch action, namely the displacement sensor is equivalent to a pole ( Fixed pole) , close to the object to another, Mobile) 。 Hall proximity switch: this is the use of hall element and magnetic proximity switch, the switch has a restriction is close to the object must have magnetic, because the working principle of this kind of switch is, through the hall element induced magnetism hall effect to the displacement change of the object to realize the switch action. Pyroelectric proximity switch: this is a kind of through the temperature change of magnetic field sensors to realize the switch action close to switch, the proximity switch, close to the temperature of the object must be different from ambient temperature. Photoelectric proximity switch: this is a kind of magnetic field generated by the photoelectric effect to realize the switch action approach switch. This kind of switch, a necessary element is emitting light emitting and receiving light photoelectric device, and close to the object should have certain light emitting effect. TCK magnetic proximity switch: this switch is the biggest characteristic is the application of flux-gate technology, by electric current induced magnetic field to achieve complete switch action signal transmission. In addition to the above seven main magnetic proximity switch, there are other types of magnetic proximity switch, such as doppler microwave close proximity switch and magnetic switch, but was not widely available in application. What's the difference between the magnetic switch and proximity switch? A, the principle of difference: 1, the principle of magnetic switch: switch is a signal of the magnetic fields to control line switch device, also called magnetic control switch. The commonly used magnetic switch with single and double contact two contacts. 2, the principle of proximity switch, proximity switch is a kind of no direct contact with the moving parts of machinery and can operate on the location of the switch, when the object approaches the induction switch surface movement distance, don't need a mechanical contact, and can make any pressure switch action, and thus drive dc electrical appliances or to a computer ( plc) The device provides control instruction. The characteristics of the two, both different: 1, the characteristics of the magnetic switch, short reaction time, the largest 0. 3女士; It has a simple structure, small volume control conveviently. 2, the characteristics of proximity switch: good anti-jamming performance, high switch frequency, greater than 200 Hz, can only be induction metal B. 3, the application of the two different: 1, the application of magnetic switch: mainly used for the control of industrial machinery, the scope of the ratio of 1:1 to 1:15 0; Overall size is suitable for small space assembly, drive shaft and gear drive shaft are made by stainless steel material, gear and drive bushing from automatic lubrication of thermoplastic materials, a variety of materials and components has good abrasion resistance, equipment has the very good waterproof and dustproof performance at the same time. 2, close to switch applications: in general industrial production place, usually choose turbo proximity switch and a capacitive proximity switch. Because these two kinds of proximity switch to the requirement of environmental conditions is low. In the environment condition is good, no dust pollution, photoelectric proximity switch can be used. Photoelectric proximity switch work almost no influence on the measured object. Therefore, higher requirements on the fax machine, has been widely used in tobacco machinery. That is about magnets are used to magnetic proximity switch ( Material installation location) Introduced, such as proximity switch magnets, magnet hall switch, speed induction magnetic steel purchasing wholesale demand, welcome to contact the customer service.
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