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Magnetic materials into the international high-end market in China

by:Newland     2020-05-03
Current global production of magnetic material magnet are mainly concentrated in Asia, Japan with high-grade magnets as the main body; China with cheap magnets as the main body, and part of the high-end product market segmentation; The other parts of the segmentation of southeast Asian nations low-standard products market. Because of China's market has a good overall configuration and the investment environment, accelerate the Japan, Europe and the United States of ferrite magnets shift of manufacturing to China. By 2017 China's production of ferrite magnet will account for more than 60% of global output, ndfeb magnetic accounted for 80% of the world. Ferrite industrial base in China is growing at more than 20%, the average every five annual output has been doubled. In recent years, China's production of ferrite magnet quality and grades have greatly improved, and the permanent magnetic ferrite products in the field of high technology applications (42%), such as home appliances ( Microwave oven, air conditioners, small appliances) , office supplies, Photocopiers, fax machines) , automobile, motorcycle, hi-fi, instrument sensor. Application in the field of traditional low-standard products accounted for 58%, such as speaker, adsorption, toy motor magnets, magnetic devices. Overall, the performance of the ferrite magnets in China also in the medium for most, although production the world first, but the output is not ideal. Now China magnetic materials output value 26. 5 billion yuan, permanent magnet ferrite output value 6. 2 billion, soft magnetic ferrite production in 9. 3 billion, the rest of samarium cobalt magnet, ndfeb magnets and metal magnet market 11 billion yuan. As consumer products to the development of digital and high performance, put forward higher requirements for magnetic materials, such as color television, high-definition, digital, power loss of soft magnetic ferrite, magnetic permeability, use frequency requirements are higher than the simulator. Other digital video cameras, audio equipment, frequency conversion air conditioning also puts forward higher requirements to high grade magnetic materials. In addition, the development of the automobile industry, communications, computer, also led to the development of high-grade magnetic materials.
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