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Magnetic material wire-cutting related summary answer _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
Metals industry has many customers just contact time is not long, the magnetic material processing process is not very familiar with, how powerful magnets cutting curious, like a magnet with cutting? What is a magnet wire cutting? What kind of magnetic material can line? Magnetic magnet can wire-cutting processing? What is line equipment? Powerful magnet will use thread cutting after cutting degaussing? Below take you to get to know it. First of all, what is the magnet wire cutting? Thread cutting is a kind of electric machine, by molybdenum wire through the electricity cut metal corrosion ( Especially hard material, the practice of complex parts) 。 Line has many incomparable advantages, such as: wire cutting has a small machining allowance, wire cutting, high machining accuracy, cutting with short production cycle, line has advantages of low manufacturing cost of outstanding, wire-cutting has obtained widespread application in the production. What are the magnetic material can on line? So long as has the conductivity properties of magnetic materials can be wire-cutting processing, ndfeb strong magnet, electrical conductivity is better, so are often processed into alien. Magnetic magnet can wire-cutting processing? Can't, magnetic magnet to demagnetization after first to thread cutting, cutting to go after the completion of the magnetization. Will strong magnet wire cut after degaussing? Line more than is currently rely on similar dissolved metal arc discharge phenomenon, so as to achieve the cutting effect. Wire cutting, high temperature will make strong magnetic part degaussing or full degaussing. Line is the use of wire cutting machine, the use of edm of instantaneous high temperature can make the metal melting, partial oxidation and corrosion, so as to achieve the cutting purpose. After the magnetization of the material, under the influence of the external energy, such as heating, impact, the various magnetic from the direction of the magnetic domain becomes inconsistent, magnetic will weaken or disappear, this process is called demagnetization. The above content from ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers website about magnet wire cutting related question answer, if there is doubt can continue to focus on this site.
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