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Magnetic material used in motor introduce _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
Magnet material in the application of motors used to introduce today's share is about motor magnets used in materials, a lot of people more attention with the inside of the motor magnet material is what? What types of commonly used? Below for the twisting, where a fire car motor magnet square F14 & times; 5× 2 mm motors, also known as motor or motor, is a kind of electrical energy into mechanical energy, mechanical energy and can be used to produce kinetic energy, electrical equipment used to drive other devices. The various types of motor, but can be roughly divided into ac motor and dc motor to be used for different occasions. On the stator and rotor winding coil, a magnetic field on the current, become electromagnet, the stator and rotor one of which must be a permanent magnet. So permanent magnet of choice has become a problem. Ndfeb magnetic material: as the material of choice for motors, ndfeb with ultra high magnetic force, is the strongest magnetic force in permanent magnet, performance is the best material, dominated by its superior performance for high-end motor magnets used more. Ferrite magnetic materials: extremely superior on heat resistance ( Can be 350 degrees of heat-resistant) , magnetic medium, the price is cheap to make its application is extensive. Ferrite magnetic materials and basic ndfeb magnetic materials can be said to be the main magnet motor selection. Samarium cobalt magnetic material: mainly used in high-grade permanent magnet motor, national defense, aviation and other fields. Because the price is quite high, the proportion of motor used in samarium cobalt is no more than 2 kinds of materials before, there are a lot of gradually replaced by ndfeb. At the temperature over 250 ℃ or torque is very big, only samarium cobalt permanent magnet motor can operate.
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