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Magnetic material performance requirements _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-02
Magnetic material performance requirements of permanent magnetic material performance is determined by the following parameters of 1. Maximum magnetic energy product: the maximum magnetic energy product is the product of magnetic induction intensity and magnetic field intensity on the demagnetization curve of maximum. This value, the greater the instructions stored per unit volume of magnetic energy, the greater the material performance, the better. 2. Saturation magnetization intensity: is the parameters of the permanent magnetic material is very important. The higher the saturation magnetization of the permanent magnet material, it marked the maximum magnetic energy product and remanent magnetism of materials could reach the higher the threshold value. 3. Coercive force: the ferromagnet magnetized to saturation, make its magnetization or reduced to zero magnetic induction intensity needed to reverse the external magnetic field is called the coercive force. Its characterization of resistance to demagnetization effect ability. 4. Remanence: after removing ferromagnetic magnetized to saturation and the external magnetic field, keep the remanent magnetization magnetization direction or residual magnetic induction intensity is called residual magnetism. 5. Curie temperature: strong ferromagnetic by ferromagnetism and ferrimagnetic into paramagnetic critical temperature is called the Curie temperature or Curie point. High Curie temperature marks the use of the permanent magnet temperature is high.
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