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Magnetic material in magnetic permeability is high or low, good? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-07
Magnetic material in magnetic permeability is high or low, good? Permeability and permeability coefficient, is to measure the permeability of the material properties of a coefficient, with a letter & mu; Said, the unit is heng/m. We often refers to the permeability of relative permeability is the ratio of material permeability and permeability vacuum, it is not dimension; And the intensity of magnetic induction is to point to by magnetic materials magnetic induction line number of the section, unit is measured T ( Tesla) Or Gs ( Gaussian) 。 If is exquisite and permeability, it should be a soft magnetic material. Materials can be divided into general visit soft magnetic materials and hard magnetic materials. The difference of coercive force size, can be understood as the magnetic must be met by the additional magnetic field size. Permeability is defined as the slope of the curve, a simple speak is the ease of magnets magnetized, and coercive force is just the opposite. Soft magnetic material requirements: high magnetic permeability, Especially in the initial permeability) And low magnetic loss, and good stability. Magnetization demagnetization for soft magnetic is constantly used, so high permeability can be its corresponding changes of outside magnetic field soon, of course, the higher the better. Hard magnetic materials, magnetic product can demanding, coercive force, high Curie temperature and good stability. Hard magnetic also called permanent magnet, generally after magnetization for the first time is not like a soft magnetic often filling demagnetization, so no need to high permeability ~ that is about the magnetic permeability of magnetic materials is introduced, the main is a soft magnetic or hard magnetic, understand?
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