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magnetic generators and the difference between permanent magnets and electromagnets

by:Newland     2019-10-06
We read a lot on the internet about magnetic generators and their ability to generate free energy.
The idea that we can simply generate electricity by using cheap magnets to make devices is absolutely amazing.
If electricity can be generated without relying on any external fuel source other than magnets, it will not take long to produce commercial magnetic generators.
I have seen them. They are called induction generators, permanent magnet generators, permanent magnet generators and magnetic generators.
As an ordinary non
People with a scientific mind, I think this is a bit confusing.
So, what is the difference between magnet and permanent magnet?
Permanent magnets can be made from many different natural substances, of which they are the most powerful.
They can also be made from synthetic substances such as nd.
Nd magnets are the strongest permanent magnets and are sometimes described as super magnets.
Even more powerful than the most powerful permanent magnet.
In 1825, the magnet was invented by British electrician William St.
He proved that a piece of seven ounces of iron wrapped with a wire, through which there is a small current, can lift up the metal by 9 pounds.
Only when the current flows through the magnet can the magnet become magnetic, and the generator using the magnet or \"field coil\" needs to work through the current of the magnet.
If there is no current on the wire, then it will not work.
Magnetic generators, however, generate electricity using rotating magnets first.
It generates more energy than it takes to keep the magnet spinning, so you can power your home with excess energy.
The detailed instructions we see online on how to build our own magnetic generators are planned to use permanent magnets instead of magnets.
Abi Wright is an online researcher on green energy, especially green energy.
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