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magnetic buckyballs toys discontinued

by:Newland     2019-10-14
The company\'s manufacturers said the Popular buc ball and buc ball cube magnetic desktop toys will stop production and accused the Consumer Product Safety Committee of calling it \"unfounded and ruthless legal entanglement \".
\"It\'s time to say goodbye to the world\'s most popular adult desk toy,\" said maxfield and Oberton, a croquet maker, on its website this week.
\"That\'s right: we\'re sad to say that there\'s a ball and a cube --
Road ticket to land-of-Awesome-Stuff-You-Should-Have-Bought-When-You-Had-the-Chance.
The company said: \"The number of toys is limited, but will not be produced after the sale.
On July, the Consumer Product Safety board suedmaxfield and Obertonin tried to stop the company from selling the toys, saying they were harmful to children.
The committee said that when children swallow powerful magnets, they can pierce holes in the intestines, and some children need multiple surgeries and long-term hospital treatments.
Officials say the buc ball magnet has appeared at least dozens of times since 2009.
\"CPSC supports the case at this time,\" Commission spokesman Scott Wolfson said on Friday . \".
\"We continue to claim and believe that buc balls and buc balls are dangerous and flawed for young children and teenagers.
\"Internet video guides older children and teenagers how to use toys to mimic tongue or cheek piercings, and some end up eating them,\" he said.
In bringing the lawsuit, Andrew Frank, spokesman for maxfield and Oberton, said the company would \"vigorously combat the situation\" and noted that while \"some people have abused the product, \"These toys are sold to people aged 14 and over with warning labels.
But Frank said in an email: \"We made a tough decision after a lot of thinking, based on how to protect the business, the integrity of the brand, and start moving forwardmail Friday.
\"Now is the time for our team to start focusing on the future and deliver innovative products to our loyal customers.
We will continue to compete with CPSC and sell our other products.
Wolfson said the Consumer Product Safety Board did not pick out Maxfield and Oberton.
\"We saw events of different brands (
Magnetic Toys),\" he said.
\"That\'s why our approach to this danger is not unique to a company.
11 of the 13 manufacturers agreed to stop producing, importing and selling the toys.
Wolfson said that Maxfield and Oberton, as well as a Colorado company called Zen Magnets, did not do so and the Commission filed a lawsuit against them.
Two suits are still on.
Last month, the North American Society of Pediatric gastropathy, liver disease and nutrition said the warning label on Buckyballs was invalid.
The group released a new survey of more than 1,700 doctors who reported that at least 480 doctors used toy magnets in the past decade, of which 204 were born in the past
\"The numbers are soaring after
Label, \"said the doctor.
Mark Gilger, a pediatric gastrologist, helped write the study.
\"There are just a lot of examples of people ignoring labels, or people who don\'t pay attention to accidentally take them home.
Children sometimes think of toys as candy, and older children and teenagers use toys to mimic piercings, Gilg said.
The doctor said, \"the pattern of injuries they see in the hospital (After intake)
Like a gunshot wound to the internal organs without signs of entry or exit, \"Wolfson said.
Last month, Frank defended maxfield and Oberton\'s efforts to keep children out of touch with toys, and the company said in a statement that it would not sell products to children and had strict policies, it will not be sold to stores specializing in the sale of toys to children.
The statement also noted the company\'s efforts to educate its customers, including information security websites it has developed.
The company said it strongly advocates a public education campaign launched by the Consumer Product Safety Board, as it does for other products that pose a risk to children.
Zen Magnets admitted in a post on Reddit on Thursday that \"the battle of Magnets may have failed.
\"With the death of pirates,\" the Post said, \"This makes Zen the last magnet ball company in the United States at the moment . \".
\"We will continue to fight as much as we can.
Founder Qu Shihan said: \"Zen Magnets is the first company to receive an administrative complaint from the Consumer Product Safety board without a record of injury because the company has no problem with the product.
\"We have been selling online and it\'s not easy for kids to buy online anyway,\" he said . \".
The road to democracy is slow and stable! ! ! Right?
Thank you poor parents for not looking at your children and for not really being parents.
You should sue parents who let their children eat, not the company.
Shut down gun manufacturers because people have been killing each other? ? ? ? ?
Just bring the Jarts back!
This happens when you have government agencies with no purpose and unlimited funds. . .
The reason for Obama\'s 2012 is that borrowing money from China is a necessary condition to support these programs, such as another example of the crazy operation of our litigation society.
In fact, it is forbidden for politicians and bureaucrats in heaven to expect people to act responsibly.
This will be disastrous for politicians who receive generous campaign donations from trial lawyers, in return for passing legislation that always makes it \"someone else\'s fault.
\"The danger is real, and as the real parents point out, the behavior of a two-year-old child is like a two-year-old child, and the parents don\'t always understand the danger.
If these toys are missing, what is the real loss?
Not a lot, and certainly not as much as the children, their families, and anyone else who paid for it lost.
Litigation means resolving disputes in a civilized way: killing the CEO and product manager for a lifetime.
In the past decade, there have been 48 cases in the country each year. .
So basically one case per state per year.
This does not seem to be a disturbing number.
Why not ban Lego?
I am sure that the children who suffocate on those evil little plastic blocks far exceeded the children who swallowed the magnetic toys that penetrated the intestines.
@ RP1588: \"Parents don\'t always understand the dangers. \" Really?
The danger of two-
Can you go in at age?
Maybe they can read a parenting book instead of suing an industry.
It\'s lame for parents to accuse others of not understanding what their children might be in.
If a person chooses to have children, then it is better for them to be ready for the work that comes with it.
Please do not expect all others to contribute to your work.
The loss here is not only the loss of the buc ball itself, but also the government intervention in the personal choices in our lives and another contribution of a company (
This will lead to more)sad demise.
I know it\'s ridiculous to ban magnets.
Totally crazy.
But you can\'t say that the buc ball is doing the right thing.
Making public fun of a safe organization trying to save children?
Comment on the rulemaking of trying to save the product if you wish.
Instead of getting worse by encouraging the government to ban everything.
You can make a difference when you\'re joking?
Of course, I will simulate the Consumer Product Safety Committee.
They Sue because parents don\'t have enough responsibility to keep them away from their children.
Do you know how ridiculous this is?
The product is labeled and there is no fault.
So it\'s a joke to punish the company for being stupid parents.
Just because the goal of your agency is lofty, it will not make your actions right.
One cannot forbid all things a child can swallow;
At some point, parents will have to observe and teach their children not to put anything into their mouths. . .
Like New York and their \"big\" drink ban.
\"Publicly make fun of a safe organization trying to save children?
The metaphor of \"hiding in the old\" doing for the children \"no longer makes me silent.
If you are a wrong organization then you will be laughed at and laughed. Deal with it. You are wrong.
The ridiculous efforts of the CPSC to ban these products should indeed be publicly ridiculed.
More children are killed every year because of guns.
Why are they not banned?
More children die each year because they suffocate on hot soil, and why they are not banned.
More children die from drowning every year and why not ban them.
You can\'t legislate to ban people from being stupid, and you have to be willing to give up some freedom of choice if you want to live in a nanny state.
I prefer to have a choice.
We should ban cars.
I know the fact that the car occasionally hurts the child because of running past and sometimes crashes into other cars;
Sometimes even children are injured.
We should let companies like GM, Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, Audi stop producing cars immediately.
Why didn\'t CPSC ban cars for the sake of Christ?
@ Ironically, Mr Thibault, Coflyboy and others. . . .
What you are sure of is not a \"toy\", so parents will be more careful to ensure that children and some adults, who have not fully developed since self-protection, are not allowed to \"play\" with them \".
Parents and guardians sometimes use toys to relax their vigilance, causing the child to stick parts and pieces to the place (
Ears, nose, mouth)
They were not going.
Nevertheless, since this toy is allegedly sold for \"adults\", I do not agree with the statement that CPSC sued the manufacturer.
I\'m sorry, grammar police. I\'m typing too fast.
This should be the case . \". .
People who do not fully develop their sense of self-protection. . .
\"I have a good laugh. These are toys that are potentially dangerous.
Similar to paintball guns.
They say they are over 14 years old.
I think they are more aimed at adults.
But the key is that parents need to read the labels.
If you have children, you should not take any responsibility for any product you buy.
I think those kids who suffocate because of these things should be sent to foster families.
It is obvious that this is the fault of the parents because they do not pay attention to their children.
But no, let\'s punish a legitimate business.
I suspect you have never looked after a child.
It\'s almost impossible to stop them from getting anything on their hands.
I am a good friend of a family whose younger son died after eating two magnets and developed into sepsis.
They are not bad parents.
Parents, I have a 2 year old.
The worst thing she ingested was a piece of hair, the crumbs she found on the ground, or a small part of a piece of paper she decided to bite, not the color.
No danger.
I stopped her from trying to take in more and more dangerous things. It is easy.
Just look at your child.
Let them play with you in the room.
Put dangerous things out of their reach or not in their playroom.
Not so difficult.
Yes, they are bad parents.
I have two children who have never swallowed anything dangerous.
They \'ve been in my sight and I \'ve stopped them from putting things they shouldn\'t have put in their mouths many times.
No, you can\'t stop them from trying to eat what they shouldn\'t, but you can stop them from succeeding.
All you have to do is be responsible and look at your child.
I feel bad for your friends, but they should pay close attention to their son.
@ 757 Matt, yes, they are: you want them to not swallow anything more dangerous.
Small and fast, everything comes first to the mouth.
Good luck for the next 6 or 7 years. . . . .
The mentality of \"thinking about children\" is one of the most dangerous things in the world.
Still, I hope they \'ve gone to the bike maker because they don\'t include some sort of locking system to prevent the kids from riding a bike without a helmet because it increases the chances of injury or death.
I want them to go after all the gun manufacturers as well, because if a child gets a gun they can shoot it on their own.
I want parents to be responsible and stay away from their children is too meaningful for them.
The problem is irresponsible parents, not products.
There are countless things that may cause harm to children (
And the General People)
If you don\'t pay attention
I want to know where all these problems are when I grow up.
We play on the metal playground for Pete!
How many children have a concussion?
How many manufacturers have been sued?
Where are we taking ourselves?
Look, beautiful shiny ball. . . .
I want to eat them. . . .
Delicious shiny candy. . .
Mom, dad\'s gun is stuck to my stomach!
This is the responsibility of parents.
If you have children at home, remove all the little things that are out of reach. Problem solved.
But guns are still on sale. . . . . .
Things that let you leave. . . . hmmm? So ridiculous.
Sadly, the onion is no longer ironic: we also forbid taking medicine, Staples, and anything small enough to be swallowed?
I\'m sorry to hear about the injured child.
However, as a parent, I understand that it is my responsibility to protect my children from small objects. Smartest post.
Never thought that one day a magnet would be considered dangerous.
Remember all the science projects in primary school. . . too dangerous. . .
If you don\'t want the child to swallow the magnet and don\'t let your child swallow the magnet, it\'s really an idiot parent!
Poor Maxfield and Oberton. .
I blame pop culture for encouraging children to be so eager to put the ball in their mouths.
It is shocking that more and more people do not recognize how serious abuse this is, how serious tyranny it is, and how terrible the abuse of government power is.
More people died of lightning strikes, but the CPSC did nothing in their infinite wisdom to stop it.
The CPSC shows all the symptoms of a totalitarian mob.
Call them Stalinist, call them fascist, call them Jack-led Nazi mobs, call them Orwellian fantasies.
Why do people tolerate this kind of government waste?
Why is there no mob with pitchforks and torches?
What has happened to the glorious behavior of government officials who have lost their sense of their right place?
More children also die from alcohol abuse.
And blind rope. Pools.
School bus crossing
Depressed mother
The list continues.
If everything is prohibited because of the danger it poses to children. . . .
We will have a deserted desert.
Hundreds of children die each year from improper gun handling but are still on sale.
Maybe God wants the children to die because they are stupid.
OK, maybe I\'m just dumb, but can someone explain to me the physics involved in a small, smooth, perfect spherical ball being able to \"pierce holes in the gut? ? ? I call BS.
If this really happens, I would like to see a link to the official story about it.
The ball is magnetic and strong.
When a child swallows them, they pull each other and may pass through different parts of the intestines, resulting in extrusion.
If you take two very strong magnets and put some thin and sensitive things between them, such as the straps between your fingertips, you can feel it.
It\'s not that the children swallowed only one.
In the past few years, quite a few people have swallowed two or more.
What happens is that when one of them passes, the other of the different parts of the intestines is attracted (
I believe you know how the intestines cycle back and forth)
Then the two were squeezing the wall between them.
It can tear the intestines, or wear a hole in it, and then you have a sick child.
This is the latest and memorable article on this issue.
Personally, I have little sympathy, it\'s not a child\'s toy, and if these people don\'t know that the first line of investigation into children with new objects is to put it in their mouths, they should not be parents.
You have to look at the little bugs every minute of the day.
Before this toy appeared, there was a warning about the kitchen fridge magnets, and if I knew them long before I had children, ppl had no reason to have small, loose magnets in the House, can\'t make sure the kids don\'t swallow them.
If someone swallowed more than one magnet, the danger would happen.
Because the small intestine is winding back and forth on itself, it is possible for two strong magnets to \"clip\" two separate parts of the intestine.
If the magnet is strong enough (
Think \"nd \")
, I think the fracture of the magnet may occur under enough force, resulting in puncture.
Other complications include intestinal obstruction and bleeding.
If you would like to see news reports about this situation, you can do a Google search on \"magnet gut puncture.
So the danger is not entirely BS.
Nevertheless, I agree with the comment that it is largely the parent\'s responsibility to supervise the child.
We should be children.
Protect the family, not the whole society!
Think of adults! ?
This so-called \"adult toy\" is in real danger.
Guns do kill children all the time, but they are not labels for toys.
My wife and nephew are visiting his stupid uncle and grandmother.
From the other side of the family)
He has these porcelain buck.
After playing the buc ball, the 4-year-old had to have surgery to remove 17 balls from the intestines.
I have a 1 and 3 year old and don\'t understand what\'s going on with this, but these things have been happening all the time.
I\'m glad they\'re not in the market.
Kevin-there are no straps between my fingertips-if you do, I think you might want to check and keep your child safe?
Isn\'t that why the parents?
Interestingly, the federal government has decided that warning labels are invalid, but there is still a need for warning labels on many other products.
* Logic * says do not force other products to carry them if they are invalid.
Do not ban buc balls if they are valid.
But the original power does not care about logic. . . I want one now.
I agree with the poster that it is not the company\'s fault that these toys have been abused.
Parents may like attentive parents, but these toys should not cross the threshold if you have children at home.
The company makes it clear that these toys are dangerous for children, so how did the children get the toys to swallow them?
Either parents who do not pay attention to clearly marked warnings and bring toys into their homes, or parents who do not look at their children when they go to visit people with these toys.
Anyway, it\'s the fault of parents.
This is the problem in today\'s society. No one is willing to take responsibility for his choice or behavior.
Most people would rather blame themselves for an innocent toy.
As parents of two children, I think this is ridiculous.
It reminds me of the day they stopped packing. O-Glass.
I miss those days.
The development of the nanny country: 12 irresponsible parents eliminated a product from hundreds of millions of products.
What a perfect feeling! Yep.
I don\'t have kids and even no kids will touch them if I have kids, but now I can\'t buy this toy.
It turns out it\'s not the manufacturer\'s fault.
\"There are a lot of examples of people ignoring labels,\" the sentence almost sums it up. . . Good!
Now, real pirates are not confused with toys.
If it\'s not a carbon 60 ball, then it\'s not a buc ball.
The magnetic balls look interesting.
CPSC said \"we do this to protect the safety of the child\" because the parents of the child are too stupid to do it themselves. . .
Why do people block natural selection?
I wish they would have stood up and said that.
This will make this sad question better.
Sorry, they get sick every time I feed my kids bleach and liquid duct cleaner.
Before human extinction, we must sue the manufacturers of these dangerous products!
Although used as recommended, litigation should prevent dangerous products. Sooooo. . .
Hollywood-approved toys, bleach and steak knives are still produced on a large scale.
Okay, even if the kids die from these things.
Just label them as dangerous, and we will.
But God forbid us to sell magnetic balls, because today\'s children are too stupid to eat magnetic balls. Parents are too stupid to reach them. Awesome.
Before we have lawsuits and institutions dedicated to protecting all of us from the dangers of stupid children and careless parents, how exactly do people survive? Ah, progress.
I find that as the years go by, I have less and less common ground with ordinary \"humans\", while common \"humans\" have more and more common ground with ordinary bab monkeys. Good luck all.
I\'ll hide in the woods if anyone needs me until you guys start to get smart.
Wow, it seems like it\'s a good thing that people talk about personal responsibility? ! How refreshing.
Oh, wait. I forgot. . .
The story was not reported in CNN\'s political news.
This is explained. Good!
Now all we need to do is ban nails, pins, needles and razors.
Anal beads are a good thing for Robert: The sad reality is that if these two powerful magnets are swallowed, then they can squeeze the wound when they are pulled together
I\'m not a doctor, but I guess the perforation of the intestines happened when it died somewhere between two magnetic balls.
There is no doubt that this is a sad tragedy.
It also makes me feel that when almost anyone, young or old, is under good supervision or not, is just playing, it\'s one of the risks that exist.
It doesn\'t matter directly because it involves older children, and I used to like diving.
Now, I wish you a springboard.
Diving from the rock wall by the river?
It was fun before. Now -it\'s illegal.
No wonder children take drugs.
Relatively safe fun, but never completely safe fun because it\'s simply impossible to be killed.
It\'s been going on for decades, but it\'s just getting worse and worse.
So as part of the \"underground\" of playing drugs, our children die more than ever, which is relative but not complete, security games are now unavailable or illegal.
If I had a kid and saw the buc balls I would buy them and try not to let my kid see them.
I might have messed up.
My child may have found them and ingested them.
It will be a personal tragedy.
It won\'t be anyone\'s fault unless I\'m just relatively consistently negligent.
Abnormal accidents related to abnormal errors are not negligence; it\'s life.
Zero risk = zero life.
I\'m going to Hawaii in six weeks.
I\'m going to skydive. I\'m 57. I might die.
My daughters are also planning to go skydiving.
Either or both of them may die.
My wife is debating to leave.
If she did, she might die.
Although the odds are low, the parachute may not open.
Most likely, we will have a good memory for a lifetime.
The lowest risk is worth it.
A little risk, a lot of life. The CPSC over-
Reach terrible on pirate ball.
According to their logic, they should sue all handset manufacturers in this case because too many people send text messages and drive.
Or, more directly, for children, they should sue all the pool operators because in very rare cases the child will drown.
You should see the 3 year old playing in the waves on the North Shore of Hawaii-the CPSC should close the ocean!
Will we stop selling alcohol because the kids drink or because someone will drink and drive? NO!
This is the wrong way to handle this situation.
Why does the company have to stop making something because it is clear that it is the lack of supervision of the parents that the child will consume these things. This is obsurd!
Responsible for the negligence of parents!
Don\'t punish manufacturers who have done their work in clearly marking the product.
The world is ruled by idiots!
Maybe they should get them too big to swallow.
Of course, you need a very strong table.
The child running with scissors was injured.
Is it time to ban scissors and running?
No, it\'s time for parents to take responsibility for their children.
According to this logic, we should stop alcohol, guns, prescription drugs, fire fighting and family cleaners.
The rocks and dirt, I think, need a good look.
Are the pencil-poked eyes still working? That seals it.
I don\'t hesitate anymore.
I\'m going to vote for Romney and hope he can rule the world. 0of-
Control, crazy CPSC
It reminds me of a crazy magazine ad about coal slag blocks with a warning page on the ad-my favorite thing is \"don\'t grind, why the CPSC doesn\'t ban balloons.
They are more dangerous than magnets and kill more people.
Wait a minute, are you saying I was terrible giving them Halloween gifts?
Happiness and capitalism were defeated by bad parents, legal struggles and accusations.
To be honest, this is a good thing.
I usually object to government regulations, however. . .
We use rare earth magnets very similar to these in small aircraft manufacturing to protect avionics and access panels.
They are very sturdy and can withstand 120knt wind and 4 Gs and will not move.
These small magnets.
We have disks or bars.
Seriously, they are strong and I can easily see them squeezing holes in the guts of some children.
I was frightened when I lost a tracking at work.
After 3 weeks, it was finally found stuck on the side of the welded trolley 10 feet away from where I put it down.
When I was with my children
Nice round and toys
Like packing, it\'s just a trip to the hospital waiting to happen.
I mean, when I was a kid, I had some magnetic letters in an educational toy.
Too big, really stuck in my mouth, the magnet is big and weak. These rare-
The Earth \"toy\" magnet is easily pulled by a Gaussian/500x.
So, should we also dispose of the kitchen cleaners? 1.
Since 2009, there are 5 million accidental poisoning cases per year, most of which occur in children under the age of 12, all from things under the \"kitchen sink\" and 12 poisoning (3 YEARS)
We threw the toy away? ! ? !
When the children swallow the poison, the reaction is to \"lock it under the lock and key \".
What\'s the difference?
Oh, that\'s right.
This is a country that is afraid to fly without TSA (or at all)
Although driving is much more deadly.
Next, we can continue to discuss balloons, marbles, coins, lollipops. . .
We are becoming a group of idiots spoiled by Molly.
Talk less nonsense! ! !
Maxfield and Oberton should donate dollars to Obama\'s campaign and then they will still work in the business world in you or four years? Really.
Consider each one. single. one.
These people deliberately ignored multiple warnings on the package. Are you $(Are you kidding?
So much personal responsibility. ok, look.
The children will stick anything they can put into their mouths.
Parents need to be responsible people here and put these things out of the house.
But if you are an adult and have no children, there is no harm.
This is due to parents keeping dangerous goods away from their children. . .
Not the government, not the manufacturer! !
Oh my God, I thought these things would only happen in authoritarian or authoritarian countries, but never in this country. of-the-Free, America.
So much for the land of freedom!
When the government tells us what to do or what not to do, or what is good for us, are we a land of freedom?
The Consumer Product Safety Committee should be closed and we should open the parent company\'s product Responsibility Committee.
The next step is that CPSC bans all hurricanes in inhabited areas because there are no (
Stupid evacuation now)
Label attached.
According to the same logic, cars should be discontinued. Uh . . . what?
What logic is this? Not the same.
Stop generating electricity.
How many people died because of this?
That\'s why I bought two sets when the story happened!
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