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Magnetic attraction and iron absorption principle is introduced

by:Newland     2020-03-26
Many people pay attention to the principle of the magnet? Asked why the magnet can attract the iron? The principle is what? Today Ricky magnet card manufacturers today is to talk with you. Why can the magnet attracts iron? Answer from Internet: all matter is made up of molecules or atoms, and an outer electronic directional rotation can form magnetic, general object molecular ordering is messy, so electronic rotating magnetic fields cancel each other out, so there was no ordinary objects magnetic, and a magnet outside the nucleus of electronic is in one direction, so the magnet magnetic, size is equal to the electronic produce magnetic combined. A magnet attracts iron process name is magnetized, iron in the mess, become orderly by magnetic fields, so the iron to a magnet with magnetic. What is the cause magnet attraction? The interaction force between the magnet is a very wonderful thing, so people also very keen on the study of them, it would not have been so they are widely used in society. Each kind of knowledge to learn to learn thoroughly do need a long process, Ricky small make up and share about the principle of magnets attract each other. AB magnets attract and attraction between atoms is A truth, that is A magnet of some atoms and B magnet combining some of the atoms. Important: in the process of the magnet and magnet near releases heat, Energy and particles) , namely the combination of atoms and atomic to release energy, in daily life we don't feel that feeling don't own a negative energy balance. Analysis: an independent principle of magnet, the magnet from a regular rotary spherical particles with each step is outside the role of the particle, after a difficult movement process, out of a curve track, the movement to the other side into the reverse rotating sphere. A very important: if the particle in the process of movement, the speed of the same size, the particle motion in the direction of change, the greater the joint force of particles by the outside world, the greater the joint force of 0 if the particle a straight line, curve movement of the particles, namely bending is more big, the greater the force. Analysis: the magnet and magnet B meet, A magnet B correct rotary spherical particles directly into the magnet from A reverse rotating sphere, meaning that these particles are no longer experience difficult movement process, reduced the bent at the ends of the line, the outside force decreased A lot. Why do magnets attract each other? Magnets are attracted to each other, is because has the ferroelectricity ( A related to metal ion in the structure of nature) , this is the knowledge of the material physical properties and more deep, aluminum, copper and so on do not have this kind of performance, so don't be attracted. Stainless steel is to join the elements such as chromium ferroalloy, destruction of the composition of the metal cation was because magazine, make its loss of ferroelectricity, also will not be attracted. More magnets knowledge quiz: http://www. 勇气, 磁铁。 Com/zhishi/article recommended to read the magnet; Magnet attraction repel principle graphic, suggested that collection
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