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magnetic \'moonwalker\' shoes help you defy gravity

by:Newland     2019-09-17
Have you ever fantasized about walking on the moon, but you don\'t want to wear a space suit and explode more than 200,000 miles (
322,000)through space? A New York-
The startup plans to turn this lunar fantasy into reality, which could be as simple as wearing a pair of magnetic lazy shoes.
The company has developedof-this-
World footwear is strategically inserting a super magnet at the bottom of its shoes to create a force field that gives light to the wearer\'s feet.
The shoe, called the \"20: 16 month Walker\", relies on the N45 nd magnet, one of the most powerful permanent magnets known.
As permanent magnets, they create their own force field without an external current and work like a refrigerator magnet. [
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\"There are different degrees of magnets like N40, 42 and 45,\" said Patrick Jreijiri, a mechanical engineer and designer for Walker at 20: 16.
The strength level of Nd magnets depends on their exact composition, mainly the mixture of nd, iron and boron.
\"N45 is stronger than the others and still cheap, that\'s why it\'s selected,\" Jreijiri told Live Science . \".
There are about 12 to 13 magnets on one floor that reject a mirror image of 12 to 13 magnets on the other floor of each shoe.
The insect repellent force comes from the direction of the magnet, and the arrangement of the magnet makes their Arctic align with each other.
Magnets range from 1 to 2 inch (2.
5 to 5 centimeters)in diameter. The 2-
The inch magnet is strong enough to move 27 lbs. (12 kilograms)
Materials, and 1-
The inch magnet is capable of moving objects up to 55 lbs. (12 kg)Said Jreijiri.
Jreijiri said that the magnet and the resulting repelling force cover the entire area of the foot, so that when a person walks, he or she will fight against the combined strength of the magnet.
\"When you walk, your feet put unequal pressure on the magnets,\" he said . \".
To solve this problem, when people walk, the larger magnet is directly under the heel and foot ball to offset the extra power placed on these parts.
In addition, he says the space between magnets creates a cushion and adjusts according to the way one walks.
The gap also means that a person\'s weight will not be a factor in how he or she feels when wearing a Rover shoe, as long as the wearer is less than 403, Jreijiri said. (183 kg)
At this point, the magnet will crash.
\"Its genius design is that it has a 6-millimeter [0. 24 inches]
The gap between the magnets, the closer the magnets are to each other, the more pull you will have, \"said Jreijiri.
If you\'re 60 kilos [132 lbs. ]
You will feel the same way if you are 180 [397 lbs. ],\" he said.
Jreijiri said there was not much \"moonwalk \"--
MoonWalker at 20: 16 is like any shoe, but instead of using rubber or springs on the sole, it uses magnets.
For extra comfort, the shoes are also lined with memory foam, he said.
The outer layer of the shoe is made of gray and white synthetic fabrics, and the outer layer of the shoe is DuPont Tyvek synthetic polyethylene, which the company is proud to say is the same material that NASA uses on its space station module.
Jreijiri said that MoonWalker shoes at 20: 16 do not have the elasticity that regular shoes usually lose after long-term use.
\"The magnetic field in the magnet always exists, so unless you take a saw and cut it in half, it should work for a long time,\" he said . \".
Jreijiri said Moonshine Crea is raising money on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo and plans to deliver the final product in September.
The project has accumulated more than $141,000, more than seven times higher than the company\'s initial $20,000 target.
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