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Magnet use note information on injection molded parts

by:Newland     2020-03-25
In many cases, the client will need to use the magnet with plastic injection molding, we call the magnetic components. There are usually two kinds, respectively is ndfeb magnetic components with ferrite magnetic components, ferrite not much said, because of its good temperature resistance, basically do not have what problem, mainly ndfeb magnetic components, powerful magnets used on injection molded parts when we have those details need to pay attention to? Injection we all know, it is need after high temperature formed, only after high temperature molding, injection molded parts will come out. In this case, if the magnet into the plastic molding out together, then the magnet is easy to appear the demagnetization, even no magnetic. How to solve the magnet injection molding magnets manufacturer not demagnetization? 1, use high temperature resistant magnetic materials to replace the ordinary magnetic material, but the cost will increase, the customer need to test is a magnetic, one is the heat resistance. 2, plastic mould for good put the position of the magnet, the back through the tools again, subsequent tolerance magnet do take positive tolerance, avoid the magnet tightly, not fall out. That is about a powerful magnet on the injection molded parts using two considerations, through the two ways to avoid the magnet in the case of injection molded parts when using a magnet demagnetization. Ricky, magnet magnet has more than ten years production experience, welcome to contact our magnet quotation and proofing. Relevant magnet product category; Magnetic components
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