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magnet toys: what to do if your child swallows a magnet

by:Newland     2019-10-27
Robert Knoll, associate professor of pediatrics in digestive medicine at the Health Sciences Center of lewianna State University in New Orleans, provides these tips for parents and caregivers who may have magnet toys at home, or suspect their child swallowed the magnet.
Because magnet toys have industrial strength magnets, they are as easy to find each other inside and outside the body, or anything made of any other metal.
The tissue is trapped between the two, which can lead to: Holes in the esophagus, stomach, intestinal infection tissue, intestinal obstruction, giving death tips to parents, caregivers with magnet toys at home: if you have children and do not use these magnets, handle them safely.
If you have them and are still using them, it is better to put them in a safe place, preferably in a locked cabinet or a locked container, but definitely not accessible to the children
If you have teenagers who use these magnets, educate them to use and store them safely when not in use.
It is especially emphasized that the younger brothers and sisters should not be exposed to these magnets.
Educate older children and adolescents about the risk of swallowing these magnets.
They are never allowed to use these magnets as jewelry for the face, body or mouth (
Like imitation Armor)
If you have these magnet toys in your home, count them the first time you use them, count them each time, and then put them away to illustrate all the toys.
Encourage your child to tell you immediately that if an accident occurs, he or she swallows the magnet or sees another child swallow the magnet.
Check the toy and play area regularly, including the carpet, if there are any magnets falling off or missing.
Run another magnet or object made of black metal around the game area, sofa, chair cushion, etc.
Pick up the missing magnet
Consider using these magnets in a contained space, for example on a tray that can contain loose magnets to prevent them from falling on the floor, on the carpet, or under the furniture.
If you can\'t explain the situation of all the magnets after they are taken out and used, then evaluate the possibility that the child may have accidentally swallowed them.
If a young child may have swallowed them, seek medical care immediately.
Symptoms may not exist or be rare until a serious injury occurs.
If the magnet intake is possible, do not delay the assessment, as substantial damage may occur within a few hours of the intake.
Don\'t think the swallowed magnet will pass through normally.
These magnets are likely to be attracted to each other and capture the intestines between them, causing them to be stuck in your child.
What should you do if you suspect your child swallowed a magnet: If you think your child, toddler, or child swallowed the magnet, call your doctor immediately or go to the emergency room for medical care.
Don\'t think the swallowed magnet will pass through normally.
If your child has any unexplained stomach symptoms and these magnets are present in your family, consider the possibility that they swallow these magnets and take them to the ER for xray evaluation.
If the doctor says he sees only one magnet on x
Ray, it\'s okay for your child to go home and make sure he\'s done at least two different X-filmsray views.
When a magnet lags behind another magnet in x-, the two magnets clip a piece of sausage between them can be shown as a magnetray picture.
For more information, visit the following resources: North American Society of Pediatrics, stomach, liver disease and nutrition (NASPGHAN)
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