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magnet therapy--does it really work?

by:Newland     2019-10-28
Acupuncture works by releasing stuck \"energy\" (Chi), which is called Chi, allowing it to travel along an invisible path or Meridian.
We can see its effect through the body\'s ability to accelerate healing, but we still don\'t understand how it works or why it works.
So is electricity.
So why is there any difference in magnetic therapy?
They all face an invisible force that we know. -energy.
While we don\'t know how energy works, we accept how it works.
The question about magnetic energy is: can it help us recover faster?
If so, when does it work and how best to use it?
I have used magnets for the past few years to relieve pain and accelerate wound healing, and I don\'t believe they help.
I was told that having a magnet insole in my shoes would give me more energy and I didn\'t notice any improvements.
Acupuncture doctors often use tiny magnets on specific acupuncture points on their ears that can be stimulated to influence appetite and healing.
However, is the magnetic force or stimulation of the acupoints that produces this result?
I honestly don\'t know.
I also think because emagnets is a big business.
The world currently spends $5 billion a year buying magnets.
Magnet manufacturing and distribution is the 20 largest industry in Japan, with 30 million people using it.
Because there are so many magnets every year, you will think they must have something.
However, the placebo effect is strong.
This means (
Amedation, supplement, magnet)
May work for a while--up to 30days--
Then the effect stopped.
When people who use placebo believe it will work, the effectiveness of placebo will appear.
It is said that the claim of magnetic therapy magnets can reduce inflammation (
Including all rheumatism)
Increase blood circulation, accelerate the healing of bones and wounds, treat glaucoma, reverse infertility, treat insomnia, reduce environmental stress, and reduce tremor in cancer tumors and Parkinson\'s disease.
I don\'t believe it all.
By the way, neither did Dr. PaulRosch, chairman of the American Institute of Stress at the New York School of Medicine and clinical professor of medicine and psychiatry. Dr.
Rosch is not affiliated with any company that makes or distributes magnets and does not involve vested interests in the subject. Dr.
Rosch found that magnets may help reduce inflammation and pain, and I personally will try magnetic therapy for these problems.
I can even use them in more serious cases-
As part of a program, but not part of the whole treatment-
Just in case they help.
But I don\'t recommend them.
I found that the results of the magnet study were mixed.
Some people think they are valid, while others think they are not.
Doctors and researchers criticize that many magnet studies are flawed.
This is not unusual.
I read a lot of scientific research every month and found some seriously flawed research.
No wonder we are confused when we hear conflicting messages.
I turned to Dr and my comments didn\'t continue to get more confusing
Rosch says all the magnets work.
After reading literature and research, he found that we still don\'t know which power or brand is best suited to a particular problem.
More importantly, he says your fridge magnet may be as effective as an expensive one.
While I personally rarely get relief from magnets, I think there are some benefits to magnet therapy.
Especially when the right magnets are used and when they are used correctly.
ButI believes most people are using the \"hit or miss\" technique to apply magnets to all parts of the body they want to heal.
Researchers and healthcare practitioners often use specific types of magnets in more controllable situations.
Magnetic energy is powerful. Using magnets is not a thing to think about.
Never use a magnet if you have a pacemaker.
While I would like to tell you to rush out and buy some magnets so you can get rid of the pain, increase blood circulation and use them for other complaints, I can\'t honestly.
Regardless of the various books and articles on alternative medicine, the jury still does not know what the magnets can do and how best to use them.
My conclusion is that the best use of magnets is to relieve pain and inflammation.
If you want to use them outside of other treatments and you can afford it, please try it.
I would love to know if they work for you and what type of product you are using.
You may need a doctor.
Rosch\'s book magnetic therapy: an alternative to pain therapy (Primapublithing)as a guide.
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