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Magnet single multi-polar magnetization is what mean? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-29
Many friends don't understand the single side just went in magnetic materials industry multi-polar magnetization is what mean? The ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers small braid everybody know it. We must first understand what is multistage magnetization? Magnetization, magnetic multipole is conducted on enterprise the same magnet magnetization process design of two or more of a magnet. Multipole magnetic technology is a mature professional knowledge is more than one factor. Magnet magnetization is refers to through the magnet as a single multipolar how to the number of the working plane ( Multipolar) , on one side, Plane, cylinder, etc. ) Made the analysis of different magnetic poles, and the other side almost no no magnetic, such a magnet magnetization magnet, I call it the single side multipolar developed this multipolar magnets can produce we need to design using multipole magnetizing fixture structure of the magnetization. The following images for the multi-polar magnetization photos. The above content from web editor, ndfeb strong magnet manufacturer focus on this site, focus on more magnets news dynamic.
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