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Magnet products factory production and processing difference _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
Magnet products factory production and processing of the difference between the magnet products factory has a lot of, have a plenty of manufacturers, have a plenty of processing manufacturers, that what is the difference between the two, and some extensions, customized processing, independent research and development production, today will read together with these problems, let small make up to answer them one by one for you. Magnet, a product suitable for use in industries, the huge market was a lot of attention and a partial businessman started to the industry, and got good grades, let more people envy, stepping into the breach, to increase the whole competition strength. At the same time also appeared a lot of symbolic words, magnet products manufacturers, the magnet products processing factory, so what's the difference between production and processing? Production is original, has its own factory, professional equipment and fixed production team, the product can completely independent research and development production. While machining is represented for others have some ability can help the customer to complete the order production, usually combined with a word, that is the custom, custom processing to obtain certain profit space.
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