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Magnet production process of the fifth process: isostatic pressing

by:Newland     2020-03-16
Today is to introduce about the magnet 5 of process flow, what is it? The isostatic pressing. Magnetic field directional forming link pressing the green density of about 3. 2 - 3. 8 g/cm after, and ideal density should be 7 after sintered ndfeb magnet. About 5 g/cm after, when pressing larger cylindrical and square so easily because of its high shrinkage crack, lack of Angle deformation and out-of-tolerance size, so still need to put into the isostatic press by isostatic pressing to increase the density of green, green density of 4 after isostatic pressing. 5 g/cm after magnet manufacturer at present in addition to the low performance of small pillars ( Ф under 10 mm) Ranging from static pressure placed directly outside the box last in sintering furnace are through static links such as other specifications, and the green to prevent oiled isostatic pressing and surface oxidation, must be vacuum encapsulation, before entering the furnace shell oil. The working principle of isostatic press for PASCAL's principle, put green is put in the soft mode set people airtight container, ultra-high claw through the booster pump in the sealed container to constant pressure into the hydraulic oil, hydraulic pressure increasing in the sealed container, generally use pressure for 100 ~ 630 mpa. By high pressure liquid evenly on the surface of rubber bumper, glue and compression set of granulation material, make its forming. Because of the characteristic of the isostatic pressing is equal to the pressure in all directions, so the forming of the blank of uniform density, the structure of the organization is homogeneous and isotropic. The article data from the network, due to the magnet industry news. Magnet technology related articles; Magnet production technology outside circular grinding is introduced the commonly used three kinds of ndfeb magnet production technology is introduced
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