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Magnet meter steal water true or false?

by:Newland     2020-04-29
Some time ago have a customer using qq chat way send to our customer service information, ask we have to do a powerful magnet, we are the lovely customers laugh, essentially we are ndfeb strong magnet production factory, ndfeb magnet is by far the world recognized as the strongest permanent magnet, when we tell the customer we are a professional manufacturer of ndfeb strong magnet, did he says can absorb water meter can let he did not turn, listen to him say so, we really have no language, the magnet is no way to absorb water meter and electric meter, that can absorb don't turn on the market, that are lying, because now the inside of the water meter and electric meter parts are with copper, magnet can absorb iron, copper is no way to suck, don't be they cheated hope all our customers, they can absorb because they made the experiment of old water meter, hope each customer can see through! People didn't invent the magnet, is a natural magnetite. Magnetized and Chinese found in nature in ancient Greece there is a natural stone, called & other; Magnet & throughout; 。 This stone can be magic little pieces of iron absorption, and at a random wobble is always point to the same direction. Early voyager the magnet as the compass of its first to identify the direction in the sea. The earliest discovery and use of magnet is supposed to be Chinese, also is to use the magnet production & other; The compass & throughout; That is one of the four great inventions of China. After one thousand years of development, the magnet has become a powerful material in our life today. Through the synthesis of different material alloy can achieve the same effect as the tool, but also can improve the magnetic force. Came in the 18th century artificial magnet, but the process of making stronger magnetic material is very slow, until the 1920 s to produce the aluminum nickel and cobalt, Alnico) 。 Then, in the 1950 s produced the ferrite ( Ferrite) , creating a rare earth magnet in the 70 s [ Rare Earth all including ndfeb ( 钕铁硼) And samarium cobalt ( SmCo) ] 。 At this point, magnetism obtained the rapid development of science and technology, strong magnetic material also makes the components more miniaturization. Company name: address: dongguan city based wangniudun town pier five chung industrial company telephone: 0769 - 81313183
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