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Magnet manufacturers of ndfeb effect of heat-resistant _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
Introduction of ndfeb magnet manufacturer of the highest temperature can reach 180 degrees Celsius ndfeb magnet manufacturer is a kind of hard magnet, its performance than the average of the magnets make a lot of, that is magnetic is very high, so have magnetic, wang said. High magnetic, of course, its application is more widely than other magnets. Then its performance is mainly reflected in what respect? In practice, we should pay attention to what aspects? First, ndfeb resistance to high temperature. Under normal circumstances, the summary of the highest temperature can reach 180 degrees Celsius, it mainly depends on its structure, even the same brand, because of the intrinsic coercive force, can achieve such a high temperature. Although it is high temperature resistant, but also has a limit. It is particularly high in temperature demagnetization. So a lot of magnet manufacturers need to understand this feature of it. There is a difference between it and the performance of the ferrite magnets, ferrite magnetic, but resistant to the maximum temperature reached 500 degrees Celsius. Second, good low temperature resistance. Above what we call summary can be high temperature resistant, then under the low temperature environment can affect its performance? The answer is no. Even if the temperature in & ndash; 60 degrees Celsius under low temperature, to what effect it has, on the contrary, the low temperature will increase its paramagnetism, enable it to strengthen the stability of the electron configuration. Third, the high temperature salt water can affect its performance. Magnet manufacturer introduce brine to the influence of the magnetic field is small, because salt water permeability is very low, but high temperature salt water is different, high temperature salt water contains a large number of ions, even if the destruction of ndfeb itself is not much, but to a certain extent weakened its effective transmission distance. So, external factor has an impact on the summary of performance. Some can let its magnetic strengthen, to a certain extent weakened its magnetism.
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