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【 Magnet manufacturers] Ndfeb magnet is harmful to people?

by:Newland     2020-05-02
Ordinary magnet magnetic induction intensity is not high, will not cause a harm to human body. If you work in a part for a long time, it also in the study, like acupuncture and moxibustion mysterious, as if it is more mysterious than acupuncture. But as a result of the CRT is by scanning of electronic current under magnetic field, thus has interference on the CRT. Plus imaging tube in the magnetic field, magnetic field can distort the electron flow deviates from the normal scanning track. Result in image distortion ( Black and white and color display) And brown spots ( Only color display) 。 General multimedia speakers are using magnetic shielding technology, placed next to the CRT will not cause any influence, but take out the speaker magnet for CRT scan will see the obvious effect. However, it won't cause any damage to the service life of the CRT, most is caused by a single point of burns long image distortion. If a magnet after removing image deformation, because the tube inner surface of the metal palette is magnetized, as long as the monitor function of demagnetization is opened, demagnetization has been removed, so the old monitor will need to switch a few times. For qualified hard disks, magnetic shielding technology is quite high. You can't through the magnetic field from the outside to destroy it. Experts have calculated that if the magnetic field reached the intensity, was enough to suck out all the iron in your body. The floppy disk and tape is what we really should pay attention to, but it is who still use floppy disks to manage their bank CARDS ( With a magnetic stripe) 。 Mainboard or other what, you don't need to be careful of what is bad the consequences would be. Former friends problems mentioned on the phone, not because of magnetic field, but because the change of the electromagnetic field. Changing the electromagnetic field of electromagnetic radiation to the surrounding space, and a magnet produces a constant magnetic field, not outward radiation of electromagnetic wave. Needless to say, the electromagnetic interference the electromagnetic compatibility of home appliance of these concepts is mainly aimed at the problem such as electromagnetic wave pollution to power network, rather than for human health problems. When phone is put by the tape recorder, recorder called noise is very big, much worse than shortwave radio. As for the computer, I didn't try, also have never seen. One day we give it a try. But I don't think this is what, unless the machine is too bad. Microwave ( High frequency) electromagnetic waves Harm to people all over the world are still stepped up efforts to study, what is the standard cell phone radiation, etc. , there are a lot of. However, if a person for a long time exposed to high intensity in the electromagnetic field ( Note that this is a constantly changing electromagnetic fields, instead of a constant magnetic field) , he could cause cancer. The frequency of the CPU and motherboard bus has now entered the decimeter microwave band, those who open the case for a long time to play should take note. In a word, the magnet is very safe, don't be afraid, microwave oven, although can't be avoided, but also should pay attention to good, try not to open the lid, open as far as possible, as far as possible away from, not to open the others.
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