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Magnet manufacturers introduced high temperature resistant plastic magnet installation method _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-04
Plastic magnet is usually a mix plastic raw material and ferrite magnetic powder and magnetic force is very low, but widely used. As one of the most common plastic magnetic magnetic ring is mainly used in floor electric fan, exhaust fan, lampblack machine, refrigerator, ceiling fans, cleaner and other home appliances industry. When it comes to plastic magnet, is a lot of machinery and equipment parts, fewer parts, it might not have good sealing. Of course it has other function, now it's time to introduce you to how to select next high temperature resistant plastic magnetic, its installation method are there? Hope the following introduction to be of help. High temperature resistant plastic magnet installation method is introduced: as a high temperature resistant plastic magnetic, used to working frequency is high frequency interference, in the high frequency can play its biggest characteristics. It is applied to all kinds of wiring harness, household appliances, instruments and electronic equipment are indispensable electronic components, such as general there is interference is inseparable from it. Choose when if there is enough or allow installation space, try to choose large diameter, long length, inner hole small magnetic ring, but the inner diameter must and wiring harness tiejin, so as to play its biggest effect of impedance. If the diameter is too big or with wiring harness is too loose, it will appear the phenomenon such as magnetic flux leakage. High temperature resistant plastic magnet installation method first method: is wear on the wire by injection molding machines, injection molding. : the second method is to use wire with circular and around in circles over and over again in a fixed well. The third method: is the most simple direct buckle at the interference sources, this is the most convenient, quick clamp type magnetic ring, it is composed of plastic case with two chip core assembly and become, also known as packaged magnetic ring. Sensors as is the use of plastic magnetic magnetic ring in the same way, in the use of the proper installation method is very important, not to let it fall off at work. Through the introduction of the article, we know the main application of high temperature resistant plastic magnet, which have a certain knowledge of the material, the material quality has important influence on the quality of the copper. There are three methods also have a certain understanding, if you want to buy all kinds of copper products, welcome to contact ndfeb magnet suppliers. Ndfeb magnet manufacturers mesh undertake various plastic magnetic, magnetic rotor, such as injection molding magnetic magnetic ring, magnetic plastic impeller, injection multipole magnetic ring custom make, welcome for consulting!
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