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Magnet manufacturer to introduce how to make your magnetic separator with longer

by:Newland     2020-04-21
1. Check before operation: 1. 1 discharging scraper and cylinder surface contact is normal; 1. 2 the CPC a quantity to whether appropriate, bearing and gear reducer; 1. 3 each bolt have loose phenomenon; 1. 4 power supply for XXX; 1. 5 there are no hamper the operation of the object in the tub. 2. After check the normal, according to the following procedures: 2. 1 open the power supply, make the equipment operation; 2. 2 a small amount of feed first, after being normal, at full capacity to mine, 2. 3 when stop, stop to mine first, mineral row net after downtime. Maintenance of 1. Roller surface are strictly forbidden to knock against and the impact and the magnet manufacturers recommend to check the wear of the magnetic tube skin conditions. When the outer barrel skin wear depth greater than 1 mm should be replaced in a timely manner. 2. Magnet manufacturer recommendations often not loose on magnetic roll surface adsorption of scrap iron in order to reduce wear and tear, too much iron can cause huge resistance serious influence magnetic separation effect. 3. Magnet manufacturer introduce forbidden ferromagnetism content ( More than 1 mm) Close to the magnetic roll surface, avoid the equipment damage. Large iron may not be able to adsorb to the roller. 4. Check each part of the fixed screw, in order to avoid loose caused by equipment failure. 5. Magnetic card, mobile phones, watches and other preferred items do not close to the magnetic roll! www。 yirongciye。 com/
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