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Magnet manufacturer on permanent magnetic ferrite as soft magnetic ferrite _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-05
Permanent magnetic material is an important component of magnetic materials, in the electronic industry, information industry, motorcycle withdraw, electric tool industry, automobile industry and other industries all play an important role, and the permanent magnetic ferrite magnetic field is the function of the materials, introduction of permanent magnetic ferrite magnet manufacturer general (Sro) Sro or Bao and ferric oxide as raw materials by ceramic fabrication techniques, permanent magnet ferrite production also became a very special technology, in recent years, permanent magnet ferrite is used very widely, for our life and production has brought great convenience. And in general, people easy to talk with soft magnetic ferrite permanent magnetic ferrite materials, magnet manufacturer what is the difference? Soft magnetic ferrite trip ferrous oxide predominantly Fe203 ingredients, is different from permanent magnetic ferrite, the ferrite produced by powder metallurgy method is very convenient in application, such as soft magnetic ferrite without the use of nickel scarce materials but also get permeability, powder metallurgy method and suitable for mass production, low cost, and is not sensitive to stress, is very convenient in application, and the permeability changing with the frequency characteristics of stability, basic unchanged at 150 KHZ, with the emergence of soft magnetic ferrite, magnetic powder core of production greatly reduced, so the soft magnetic ferrite can be very good to replace, make it easy to use for production.
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