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Magnet magnetization Angle explanation

by:Newland     2020-04-11
I want to buy magnet will need to know all kinds of knowledge about magnets, magnet manufacturer today to explain the magnetization Angle points: usually circular magnet magnetization and radial axial magnetization. Magnetization, axial magnetization: is usually usually N and S two poles, the pros and cons of magnetic force in the circular magnet, if is the cylinder magnet is at both ends; Radial magnetizing: usually the cylinder magnet, the magnetization after magnetic force on the cylinder, rather than on both sides, just with the axial magnetization instead; Here is mainly introduced square rushed magnetic direction of magnet: square magnet application field is very wide also, many corporate clients after called the square size and performance, when we asked them which is the magnetic direction after they all say not clear, not clear. The magnetization direction to know different price there is a gap, and if the magnetization direction to make a mistake, that make the magnet is useless. These strong magnetic square: mainly for the F30 * 10 * 5 mm square magnet magnetization direction is usually in thickness, which is the most behind the Numbers, above, for example, if the magnetization is thickness that is supposed to be 5, in this case, the magnet is magnetic 30 * 10 both on bedding face, SN poles magnet usually points, this means that the square magnet SN very in 30 * 10 both general. The previous: magnet manufacturer about the recent rare earth prices next up: the difference of ndfeb strong magnet and magnet
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