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Magnet is analysed in the field of battery application found _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-30
Generating bacteria become a hot topic in recent years. Scientists have found that some bacteria found in the global ocean and river bed can obtain electrons from the tiny metal particles. Through to the bacteria & other; Gifts & throughout; Electronics, iron particles as a valid energy source of cells. Other kinds of bacteria by excess electron & other; Delivery & throughout; To the metal particles to effective respiratory electron, the powerful magnets in the field of battery application of a new discovery. Magnets in the field of battery application of the new findings from the university of tubingen in Germany jamesbyrne and colleagues found that a common magnetic minerals & ndash; — Small strong magnetite grains can also act as electron acceptor and the role of electron donors, thus effective work like batteries. He let by bacillus genera and red pseudomonas bacteria community grows in the magnets, and then found that bacillus genus to electronic & other; Delivery & throughout; To the crystal and the red pseudomonas genus get electronic from crystal. For bacteria, magnetite crystals like natural's rechargeable batteries will play a role: from charging to coli, red pseudomonas belong to electricity. According to the different needs of bacteria, the powerful magnets can be used as a conductor, also can be electronic & other; Storage tank & throughout; And the source. Only the market to decide. At present, magnetic embellish the magnet manufacturer in worldwide, the development of a powerful magnet power station project total scale for more than 10 gigawatts (gw). But powerful magnets in the global application field of the fastest growing China market, the development of magnetic embellish the magnet speed is not satisfactory. Entered China, magnetic embellish the electromagnet in ordos 2000 megawatts of powerful magnet power generation project. Magnetic embellish the magnet company, after the last four years trying to eventually give up this could create a world record for the largest powerful magnet power station project. Today, magnetic embellish magnet manufacturer for the Chinese market remains the prudent attitude, patiently searching can be cut into the link in the process of giving full play to the advantages of its global experience.
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