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Magnet highest working temperature and Curie temperature difference

by:Newland     2020-04-13
Maybe some people think that the highest working temperature is the same as the Curie temperature, magnet, in fact, this is the wrong cognition. Magnetic materials can be divided into ferromagnetism, ferrous magnetic, anti ferromagnetic and paramagnetic and diamagnetic 5 kinds. Iron, cobalt and nickel is ferromagnetic materials, as well as permanent magnets. For ferromagnetic materials, when the temperature exceeds a certain point, the second order phase transition happens, these materials can no longer keep the spontaneous magnetization. These materials will shift to vice ferromagnetic state, so its ability to be magnetized or attracted to the magnet. This point is called the Curie temperature or Curie point. Maximum working temperature of the magnet is to point to if continue to heat, the temperature of the magnet began to lose its strength. When the magnet back to room temperature, the strength loss in a given time may be only the minimum, less than 5%. It should be pointed out that different countries have different standards. For the same magnet, Curie temperature will be much higher than the highest working temperature. Different types of permanent magnet has its own Curie temperature and the highest working temperature, the following graph: former numerical as the highest working temperature, the value for the Curie temperature. Curie temperature has a great influence on the magnets, the highest working temperature. Curie temperature depends only on the magnet. In order to obtain the highest working temperature higher, the magnet manufacturers need to add the cobalt, dysprosium, terbium elements to improve the Curie temperature of magnets. The highest working temperature of magnets not only affected by the Curie temperature, and related to the intrinsic coercive force and working conditions. Working temperature of Curie temperature; Curie temperature of the magnet is the highest working temperature of magnet? Ferrite, ndfeb can withstand the highest working temperature and Curie temperature is introduced
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