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Magnet factory in foshan, foshan permanent magnet manufacturer ( Which is good)

by:Newland     2020-03-25
Guangdong foshan magnet manufacturer is introduced in the foshan region, there are still some greatly small magnet manufacturers, in numerous foshan magnet manufacturers, to find a reliable permanent magnet manufacturer also is not easy, today, Ricky magnet small make up card gives you a list of foshan magnet company, I hope it can help you purchase the magnet. Foshan magnet manufacturers list ( Baidu ranked, website is preferred) A, foshan yongli xing magnet factory 1, the company introduced the company is a professional magnet manufacturer, can according to customer's requirements, specializing in the production of a variety of shapes and sizes of magnet, such as disk, magnetic ring, magnetic rod, magnetic ball, convex type, slotting and other permanent magnet products. And various magnetic device: magnetic crane, magnetic chuck, magnetic filter, magnetic head, magnetic photo albums, magnetic, magnetic toys, etc. 2, the company's business address zen Fen LuHuaNa hydraulic machine electric city in the north of the city district, foshan city road 41-2 43 shop 3, enterprise web site, http://www. qianglicitie。 Cn / 2, foshan branch east magnet technology co. , LTD. , company profile 1 east square round powerful magnets, magnet focus production ferrite magnets, rubber magnetic, magnetic frame, magnetic bar magnets and jack products manufacturers, can provide users with the perfect product design, engineering and technology solutions, system debugging, training, after-sales service and technical consultation. 2, zen in foshan city, foshan city, the company address avenue north 40 first P18 number 3, the company's web site http://www. kedong123。 Com / 3, 1, magnetic materials co. , LTD. , foshan city, guangdong foshan city in guangdong province, enterprise introduction, magnetic materials co. , LTD. , the leading product for ndfeb strong magnet, alnico magnets, ferrite magnets, magnetic ordinary black magnets, alnico magnets, rubber magnetic, magnetic rod, magnetic frame, magnetic blocks, big square magnet, a small square magnets, small size magnets, large size magnets, small round piece of magnet, wafer magnets, magnet, magnetic frame, magnetic blocks, magnetic stripe, magnetic stripe, magnetic ring, magnetic core, magnetic button, magnetic buckle, magnets, magnet, magnetic nails, magnetic, magnetic, magnetic steel, aluminum nickel and cobalt, samarium cobalt, magnets, magnetic gifts, magnetic refrigerator, magnetic CARDS, magnetic bookmark, magnetic puzzle, magnetic frame, magnetic film, magnetic darts, magnetic darts palladium, magnetic jewelry, magnetic products and hardware accessories such as iron, iron shell. 2, the company address SAN shek wan town, foshan city pagoda road 27 3, company website at http://www. gdyongci。 Cn / 4, foshan into rong magnetic materials co. , LTD. 1, factory introduction foshan into rong magnetic materials co. , LTD. , founded in January 10, 2017, is a magnet, high performance, powerful magnets, magnetic materials, and other products professional production and processing of the company. 2, manufacturer address guangdong foshan city nanhai district danzao town sands Hu Cunma sand on: developing 3, factory at https://jinrongcitie. 1688. com/( Ali website website have been unable to access) Foshan magnet manufacturer which is better? From baidu search magnet factory in foshan, guangdong foshan regional manufacturer of magnet overall is relatively small, so small make up also list is relatively small, do not rule out some magnet company didn't do website promotion, want to get a magnet factory in foshan local can know about the several small make up the introduction of magnet factory, look at their website, or further conversation, comparison, and see which more powerful magnet factory, and then choose one. Understand card rich friends all know that we do is a rare earth neodymium magnets, permanent magnet ferrite magnets, multipole magnetic ring magnet motor manufacturer, in fact we didn't need to find the magnet factory have to find a local. Because most of the time, choose a magnet manufacturer, the importance of word of mouth than the importance of the region is much higher, so if you need quotation, proofing magnet, also can directly contact CARDS Ricky.
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