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Magnet detection way _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-03
Magnet detection way & ensp; A: detection method & ensp; 1. For new suppliers to provide products, according to the drawing requirements, the overall dimensions measured first, reoccupy gauss meter according to the magnet type measuring magnetic induction intensity, check whether within the scope of the requirements. The magnetization direction is correct.   2. 3 - take sample 5 do demagnetization of temperature rise test, mark three locations on each magnet, at room temperature measuring magnetic induction intensity of each magnet three locations, and then put the magnet on the high temperature box, set the temperature 75 ℃, high temperature heat for 1 hour, and then remove the magnet three same position measuring magnetic induction intensity, recorded, cool to room temperature, then measured in turn. Then put the high temperature box set to a temperature of 85 ℃ and 95 ℃, respectively measured, measuring methods and measuring 75 ℃ when the same.   3. Check measurement statistics, 85 ℃ when the demagnetization amount is less than 1%.   4. Salt spray test has been done by supplier, provide test report, the test time is more than 48 hours.   5. For batch use magnets, each batch of the sampling, the appearance and shape size, magnetic induction intensity, ensure batch consistency: open-circuit magnetic flux is less than 2%, less than 3% between batches.   6. For several important technical parameters of the magnet: coercive force, intrinsic coercive force, remanence and cannot be measured, are former suppliers testing parameters, later can each batch smoke a few blocks to special inspection agencies inspection. 2: detection tools & ensp; Vernier caliper, gauss meter, the high temperature baking box.
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