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Magnet charging you heard?

by:Newland     2020-04-26
According to reports in the science and technology website BGR, nokia 920/820 conveys a message by the company: wireless charging is the development direction of the future, however, apple has not yet on the iPhone battery or charging technology to make any revolutionary change, but the United States patent and trademark office on Thursday, according to a patent of apple iPhone maybe in the future will have the shaking charge ( shaketo费用) Technology. Different from traditional power configuration of copper coils in fixed magnet mobile pattern, apple the new technology using activity around the magnet coil with printing circuit board activity, caused electromotive force or voltage, achieve the purpose of power generation through the coil. Of the whole system is the key to printing coil manufacturing, apple said can be achieved through the use of any modern printing circuit board technology. Printing coil, for instance, may be placed in the substrates by means of the copper wire in the coil, or selectively etching copper wire on the substrates. Magnet movement after printing coil, shaking as if the user equipment, or just in the use of mobile devices, current is then generated. The current can be stored in large or connection control circuit of the battery. Apple said that all mobile devices visitors use this power generation system, especially the iPod and iPhone. However, at present the product's electricity demand is too big, electromagnetic induction system is insufficient to support, so may still need to use a computer or socket for charging equipment. But as the apple device of electronic components is more and more efficient, perhaps one day the whole system can provide the required power for daily use. It is unclear whether apple will apply this technique in future products, but can be seen from the patent seems perhaps apple is trying to make a real wireless electronic products. The secret of the magnet - Apple Smart Cover magnetic technology patents, patent of apple's Smart Cover is the bit by bit, now they finally again the next city, the Smart Cover key magnetic adsorption technology patents. The patent by apple in July 2011 to the USPTO ( The United States patent and trademark office) Applied for and approved on today, patent description is a 'accessories' with magnetic adsorption function, can specifically how to make the lid with magnetic adsorption on the device (in the form of a specific For example the) On the cover to protect, and the device during disassembly is very convenient. To indicate that the object of patent not all magnetic adsorption device, this applies only to the above mentioned the use of a particular method ( This is the device) 。 But anyway, I believe the future similar Anymode such products should no longer occur. Magnet company is the specialized production ( Ndfeb) Powerful magnet company, has factories in dongguan city based wangniudun pier town. Magnet products used in toys, jewelry, crafts gifts, handmade gift box, leather handbags invisible magnetic button, plastic hardware products, audio equipment and other industries. Our company is located in dongguan city based wangniudun block cao beijiao town five chung village industrial zone, the company can provide customers 24 hours delivery, 36 hours to the customers specifications template. Magnet experts to find and package your satisfaction, more magnets can view our company website WWW information. yirongciye。 com/。 This article rigorous reproduced, if there are any violation, the consequence is proud! Site does not arrange the position, everything is equal to zero technical support: all network company address: China guangdong dongguan dongguan city based wangniudun town pier five chung industrial zone telephone: 0769 - The 81313183 guangdong ICP for 16113157
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