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Magnet can suck stainless steel it _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-28
Stainless steel, with its beautiful appearance, the features of corrosion resistance, not easy to damage, the advantages of more and more popular with people. POTS and pans, city sculpture, architecture, such as using stainless steel decorating a bedroom, where more and more, but the understanding of the discriminant of stainless steel is not deep, when some customers buy stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances, with a magnet in the stainless steel utensils, try to go on. Think magnets is stainless iron, suction is not on the stainless steel. It seems people awareness of stainless steel and myth. Iron and steel is how to distinguish between carbon content. Carbon content is under 2% of the iron carbon alloy steel, carbon content over 2% is called iron. Steel for both the toughness and elasticity and rigidity, are widely used. Life encounters is steel, but with different people call. For stainless steel, regardless of the magnets on it or not, as long as meet quality standards, are stainless steel. Therefore, from the perspective of governance kim-inology said, no stainless iron. Stainless steel corrosion is the main elements of chrome. Chromium content in 10. More than 5% of the steel does not rust. Smelting with different alloy elements, but also have the magnets and the distinction that are not on. Stainless steel is generally points according to the organization structure, can be divided into austenite, ferrite and martensite several categories. If into the molten steel in the different proportion of chrome nickel, etc. , austenitic steel is tempered magnets are not on the stainless steel; If adding chromium and a small amount of nickel in steel ( Or without nickel) And tempered steel is magnets out of ferritic stainless steel; Martensite stainless steel main alloying element is chromium, iron and carbon. Stainless steel because of the different points, there are more than 100 alloy content. In addition to the austenitic stainless steel has magnetism. Nickel element in reserves in the world are very few, the price is expensive. Therefore, the high content of nickel in stainless steel in the market, the price also is higher, and the magnet is not on. In fact, there is a stainless steel is not on the magnet. That is less high manganese containing nickel or nickel stainless steel. The stainless steel market prices higher than nickel stainless steel per ton lower than 1000 yuan. Some dealers are using people & other; Not good stainless steel magnet suck & throughout; Misunderstandings, deceive consumers, as your price and the high nickel stainless steel. There are more than 100 stainless steel, features and functions. Generally makes decoration, landscape, sculpture, selection of austenitic stainless steel. Because of austenitic stainless steel for low heat conductivity, using it to do the kettle, frying pan, pot is not appropriate, will be a waste of energy, has also extended boiling water to cook. Do with ferritic stainless steel frying pan, pot, not only has excellent corrosion resistance, and its thermal conductivity is higher than austenitic stainless steel nearly half. In the washing machine barrel, water heater, xiancai basins, etc. , as long as contact with water vessels should choose ferritic stainless steel. Someone complained about the stainless steel cutlery, this is because choose the wrong stainless steel. Austenitic stainless steel hardening, not suitable for cutting tool, cutting tool. Made of martensitic stainless steel cutting tools by heat treatment, such as change the hardness of stainless steel quenching and tempering.   People often think of the magnet adsorption stainless steel material, verify its quality and authenticity, not without magnetic absorption, think is good and true; Magnetic suction, is believed to be fake fake. Actually, this is a very one-sided, not real wrong about it.     There are many types of stainless steel, room temperature according to the organizational structure can be divided into several categories: & ensp;   Austenite size: such as 304, 321, 316, 310, etc. ;     Martensite or iron grain size: such as the 430, 420, 410, etc;     Austenite size is non-magnetic or weak magnetic, martensite and ferrite are magnetic.     Often used as decorative tube plate mostly austenite size of 304 stainless steel material, generally is non-magnetic or weak magnetic, but caused by smelting chemical composition may also appear different magnetic fluctuations or processing status, but it cannot be considered a counterfeit or substandard, what reason is this?     Mentioned above austenite is non-magnetic or weak magnetic, martensite and ferrite is magnetic, due to improper smelting composition segregation or heat treatment, can cause a small amount of martensite in the austenitic stainless steel 304 or ferrite organization. In this way, will with weak magnetic 304 stainless steel.             In addition, 304 stainless steel after cold working, the organization structure will be to the martensitic transformation, the greater the degree of cold deformation, martensitic transformation, the magnetic steel. As a number of steel strip, the production & Phi; 76 tube, no obvious magnetic induction, production & Phi; 9. 5 tubes. Because ling bending deformation is magnetically sensitive to some apparently, rectangular tube production due to the deformation is bigger than circular tube, especially the Angle, more intense magnetic more obvious deformation. To eliminate the causes of 304 magnetic steel treated by high temperature solid solution stability returns austenitic organization, thus eliminating magnetism. In particular, due to the above causes of 304 stainless steel magnetic, and other stainless steel materials, such as 430, carbon steel magnetic completely is not the same level, that is to say 304 magnetic always shows the weak magnetic steel. 430 with magnetic stainless iron a little stronger than 304 non-magnetic stainless steel rust; YH21CT belt magnetic stainless iron is better than 202 stainless steel rust of non-magnetic, YH21CT with magnetic with non-magnetic stainless iron rust resistance of 304 stainless steel.
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