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Magnet attraction repel principle graphic, suggested that collection

by:Newland     2020-03-26
Magnet attraction repel principle by high school physics book written by a magnet has the S pole and N pole, if two magnetic S pole or N together, have a repulsive force between them; If you put a N pole and S pole together, is a suction between them. Attract or repel each other is the magnetic force, the force generated in the magnetic field, Faraday in order to explain the magnetic field, the introduction of the concept of magnetic induction line. The magnetic induction line is closed curve of man-made rules and actually does not exist. Inside the magnet from S to N, the outside is from N to S. Magnetic induction line when the same direction as the appeal, and the direction for the repelling force, has a certain Angle magnets have turn the trend, to magnetic induction line in the same direction. In general, the magnetic induction line is not the objective existence, it's just a force of the people in order to study the magnetic field and the introduction of the concept of electromagnetic induction phenomenon. According to quantum electrodynamics, the electromagnetic force ( The same, opposites attract. ) Constantly exchange between two particles is the nature of the results of the photons. Two electrons close to each other and eventually bounce off because of electromagnetic force, what happened here? The original two electrons in exchange of photons. Imagine two people of the skating rink, they kept trying to put a ball to go to, from a person's hand to another person, so they will be far from more and more, seems to have a repulsive force between them. In the electromagnetic force, the ball is photon! Then the same-sex attraction is how to return a responsibility? You can imagine two people stand back to back, don't stop to throw the ball to each other in the face of the wall of the rebound again on the other hand, it seems there is a kind of suction make two people stuck together. Recommend reading the following articles; Magnetic attraction and iron absorption principle is introduced
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