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Magnet attraction are repellent principle introduction _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-29
Magnet attraction repel the principle to introduce more and more people are now in the use of magnets, we would like to with you to discuss some of the most basic problem in the first place. How magnets attract each other? How to reject them? How to make the screwdriver magnetized? Attraction repel principle: when two magnets and very close to each other, due to the effect of mutual exclusion of the magnetic field, like two magnets are a force to let them apart, two different very near, will attract. In simple terms, the magnet of the rejection is due to the magnets in the magnetic field effect. It is said in the physical with the poles repel, heteropolar attraction. Magnet can attract each other, also can be mutually exclusive. Permanent magnets is a magnetic field around the object in itself. It is the magnetic field, allowing them to stick together, and adhesion in some metal. Specifically, they are attached on the ferromagnetic materials, such as iron and contain iron material, such as steel. Coverage is very wide, from steel body, drive a car to home of the door. Magnets are attracted to nickel, cobalt and other rare earth elements. There are also many types of metal not attracted by magnet, like aluminum or copper. When the magnet to attract or repel each other? The basic rule is that opposites attract. Every magnet has a north and a South Pole. When you put a magnet in the arctic in another magnet near the South Pole, they attract each other. When you put the two poles ( From north to from south to north or south) Together, they will repel each other. Working principle of magnet is very simple, but what is the principle behind? Why do the magnet have such attraction and exclusion? This problem is both simple and complex, and even some parts has not been really understand. This is similar to ask: why is this job? Physics research and simulation of the phenomenon. Electromagnetics is one of the four fundamental forces in the universe: electromagnetism, gravity, and the strong and weak nuclear force. It describes the result of the interaction between two charged particles. Magnets repel while at the same level, the application of different levels of attraction: maglev train. There are three basic principles of maglev. The first principle is that when the magnetic field near the metal, metal electron will move on, and generate an electric current. The second principle is the magnetic current. When the current flows in a wire or a piece of metal, can produce a magnetic field. Electricity became a magnet coil. The third principle of maglev is will the interactions between magnets, with polarity repellent, different polarity attraction. Now look at how maglev role: magnet pass through the upper part of a piece of metal, metal electronic began to move due to magnetic field changes. Electronic form a loop, so then also produce the magnetic field itself. In the simplest way to express this process, the moving magnet in a hypothetical metal magnet. The hypothetical directional magnet, because is the same polarity relatively, so will the original magnet repulsion. That is to say, if the original magnet is the North Pole next, imaginary magnet is the North Pole in; And vice versa. Because the magnet poles repel, let the magnet above a piece of metal, the results on the moving magnet produces a force for pushing up.
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