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Magnet application have?

by:Newland     2020-04-09
In magnetic materials magnetic source, electromagnetic induction, magnetic devices, we have already mentioned some of the application of magnetic materials. In fact, magnetic materials have had been showed with wide application in all aspects of the traditional industrial. Without magnetic materials, for example, electrification becomes impossible, generator, transmission used for power generation will use transformer, electric machinery used motor, telephone, radio and television use speakers. Many instruments are used magnetic steel coil structure. All has been said about other content. Magnets in biological and medical applications: carrier pigeon lovers know, if the pigeons to hundreds of kilometers away, they will also automatically homing. Why there are such a good recognition ability pigeons? Originally, the dove is sensitive to the earth's magnetic field, they can take advantage of the changes in earth's magnetic field to find their own home. If the pigeon's head tied to a magnet, the pigeon will trek. If the pigeons flew over a radio tower, strong electromagnetic interference will make them get lost. In medicine, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) can be used to diagnose human abnormal tissue, disease, that is what we are familiar with the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging technology, its basic principle is as follows: the nucleus with a positively charged, and spin motion. Normally, the arrangement of nuclear spin axis is irregular, but put it in with a magnetic field, nuclear spin space orientation from disorderly to orderly transition. The spin system magnetization vector by zero growth gradually, when the system is balanced, magnetization reaches a stable value. How much do you know the previous: the magnet price? Next: what is alien magnet? Alien magnet main application have?
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