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Magnet Application

R are earth permanent magnet materials are widely used in electronic products, consumer electronics, also with potential industries such as communication equipment and mechanical equipment, have huge market demand. Therefore, the market prospect of the rare earth permanent magnet material industry is very broad.

Rare earth permanent magnet materials have been widely used in many fields such as electronic information, automotive industry, medical equipment, energy transportation and so on. At the same time, with the continuous advancement of technology, rare earth permanent magnet materials have also shown broad application prospects in many emerging fields. Especially in the general trend of low-carbon economy sweeping the world, all countries in the world pay attention to environmental protection and low-carbon emissions as key areas, which are to improve energy structure, develop renewable energy, improve efficiency, save energy and reduce emissions, and advocate low-carbon life. In the future, rare earth permanent magnet materials will be widely used in wind power generation, new energy vehicles, energy-saving home appliances and other fields, and the application fields will be more extensive.

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