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'Machining of sintered ndfeb production process'

by:Newland     2020-05-01
In the previous article we've talked to the inside of the production process of sintered ndfeb 'sintering', now let's break down the sixth step: mechanical processing, also known as: machining. 6. Mechanical processing and machining is the process to change blank to finished product. Sintered ndfeb through mechanical processing can change shape, size of blank surface quality, etc. All kinds of permanent magnets, due to the different material lead to their processability was comparatively large difference. The AlNiCo processing performance is best, so we can meet the machining accuracy is the highest. For samarium cobalt, ndfeb and ferrite, these magnets brittleness is bigger, so the processing performance is relatively less, its mechanical processing only by edm grinding or slice processing machinery, but also often result in magnets, peeling and cracking or breakage, cause yield reduction 10 ~ 20%. The grinding mainly including coarse grinding ( Vigorously, double side grinding) And fine grinding ( Abnormity grinding, molding grinding) 。 Then process has a slice ( Within the circle cutting, wire cutting, set of tile) And fine grinding, sets of holes sink hole and turning, etc. Shown below picture for mechanical processing equipment.
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