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m\'bishi, daido steel to jointly make magnets for eco-friendly cars.

by:Newland     2019-09-21
Mitsubishi Corporation, Japan
Dow steeland U. S.
Rare earth production company.
A factory will be jointly established in Jifu County to produce nd magnets, a key strong magnet for the production of eco-Motors
The three companies said on Tuesday that their cars were friendly.
The plant, which is scheduled to start operations in 2013, will adopt a technology that significantly reduces the use of rare earths, which has risen due to China\'s export controls and the world\'s largest producer of rare earths
A joint venture will be set up by the end of this year for the manufacture and marketing of magnetic materials. It will be 35.
Daido and 34 have a 5% stake.
Mitsubishi holds 5%, they added, and the remaining 30% hold byMolycorp.
The plant will have an annual production capacity of 500 tons.
Due to increased sales of hybrids and other eco-friendly products, demand for magnets made of rare earths is expected to growfriendly cars.
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