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lynas plant meets international safety standards, benefits economy, says staff

by:Newland     2019-10-18
Guan Dan: Workers from Lynas Advanced Materials Factory (LAMP)
We firmly believe that China\'s first rare earth plant meets international safety standards and its operation will benefit the economy and local residents.
According to Chin Yin Yee, an Sdn Bhd engineer at Lynas, Malaysia, her health will not be threatened, noting that the plant was built according to international safety standards, approved by the International Atomic Energy Agency of the United Nations nuclear supervision agency (IAEA).
\"I have no questions about the safety of the factory.
It\'s very frustrating when we try to explain to people that the plant is good but people don\'t want to listen.
\"They prefer to go with misconceptions,\" she said on Sunday . \"
Chin said that despite negative publicity and concerns about the safety of the plant, her family gave her full support from four years ago when she decided to join LAMP.
She noted that the rare earth industry is expanding globally as many components such as hybrid cars, batteries, bulbs and magnets require this material in the manufacturing process.
\"With the operation of the Lynas plant, the downstream industry will flourish.
It would be a loss for the country without it.
Many people will also lose their jobs.
\"It will be very sad,\" Chin added . \".
The operation of the lamp is expected to bring huge economic benefits because it will create 400 skilled jobs through the economic ecosystem and produce five times the multiplier effect on secondary jobs.
It will also have 200 long-term contract workers and 1,000 indirect workers serving its facilities.
Chin said the chain reaction to LAMP operations would be to increase jobs by supporting the industry, noting that more food shops, contractors and businesses located near the Gebeng industrial zone would also benefit.
Engineering Services of senior management, lamps, Abdul Rahman Mohammed Ali, said he was pleased to be hired by the company and that security issues were politicized to the extent that they might endanger their livelihoods, it shocked him.
\"The fear of Lynas is because it is not based on facts.
In fact, Lynas is safe . \"
\"My family supported my decision to work at Lynas.
There is a lot of concern, but I believe we know what we are doing here and international security measures are in place.
\"I really hope that Lynas will be able to get started so that my family can feel at ease and my three children can continue to learn here.
\"If Lynas can\'t start operations, a lot of people will be out of work and investors will be afraid to come to Malaysia.
\"Our industry will not grow,\" he added . \"
Abdul Rahman\'s wife, Rozita Md Yassin, echoed with him that she was initially concerned about her husband\'s safety, but had a clearer understanding of the rare earth industry, and she understood that all concerns were unfounded.
\"I want all the people who make the factory unsafe rumors to stop spreading lies.
They affect the lives of many people . \"
At the same time, technical staff Azlin zavawi said that the danger of radiation has exceeded the proportion.
\"Like other factories, safety measures are in place.
Safety is the top priority.
I hope all the parties that blacked out Lynas stop.
\"As a working class who has to feed his wife and children, why should I put myself at risk if the factory is in danger? \" he asked.
\"Lynas is the first rare earth plant in Malaysia.
It is introducing new technology and should give it a chance before condemning it.
\"If it succeeds, there will be other rare earth-related industry growth.
\"Perhaps Malaysia could become one of the world\'s largest producers of rare earths . \"
Director Zaini Sabidin said the concerns of the Kantan community are far from reality.
\"I have been to rare earth plants in China and Lynas is modern, safer, safer and better in engineering policy.
\"The security issue is raised for the benefit of specific parties, which will endanger the jobs of at least 1,000 families.
\"Lynas is always transparent about its security.
It\'s also installed 24-
\"The hourly monitoring service is open to the public to check for any potential contaminants,\" he said . \".
Dr. Datuk loui Hoong Wah, a resident of Kantan and a medical expert, was interested in nuclear medicine and physics about 40 years ago when he was studying medicine in Manchester, he said, the danger is that some people play political games on Lynas. -
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