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Looking for ndfeb magnet manufacturers offer will need to provide what information?

by:Newland     2020-05-07
Find ndfeb magnet manufacturers offer what you need to provide information to quickly get? Come on, let small make up slowly word for you: 1, provide the drawings, quotation according to the drawing and processing production. 2, provide samples, according to the quotation and sample processing production. 3, according to the national standard or enterprise standard performance production; 4, provides the technical requirements, according to the requirement for the customer design, customer recognition after processing; 5, to help customers with magnetic field, the optimized plan for the customers' production requirements. Shenzhen star hit a ndfeb magnetic industry is a professional manufacturer, the main products have powerful magnets, magnet motor, magnetic pump, profiled magnets, high temperature magnets, ndfeb, horn magnets, toy magnets, motor magnets, magnet, leather packaging magnets, magnetic tile. Our company focus on magnetic materials & amp; Permanent magnetic component manufacturing and solutions. We adhering to the 'people-oriented, resource optimization, value sharing, sustainable management' business philosophy. Supply all kinds of permanent magnet and magnetic components. Through effective quality assurance core tools ( TS / 16949: APQP, PPAP, FMEA, MASA& SPC) Internal logistics department will provide more economical, fast freight services.
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