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Look at the body into the ndfeb magnet?

by:Newland     2020-05-07
On September 12th ISC2017 conference site there will be a special guest, the Dutch biohackers PatrickPaumen. In front of the whole thousands of people, with his fingers from miss manners of the tray adsorption on a screw. See Paumen fingers up from his plate, screw and shaking with the finger was taken to the air. Learned, Paumen body a total of nine RFID implantable labels and five ndfeb magnet implants, fingertips ndfeb magnets is that his first implant. In fact, adsorption, COINS, bottle cap screw such objects for Paumen also nothing. His hand and arm subcutaneous have multiple RFID chips, just waved hands or arms to open the apartment door lock and unlock the car. 'So I don't have to worry about my keys, lost or stolen. Because it's on me. 'At the scene of the general assembly, Paumen use video that shows him with the help of the ndfeb magnet palm unobstructed process in the home. He laughed: 'don't someone to steal a car, put my hand cut? 'However, there are fears that RFID implantable label would like electronic dog chain without hiding, invasion of privacy. Paumen think it's overrated. RFID implantable tag, he says, does not contain the GPS and GSM technology, so, with implant personnel will not be all-weather track.
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