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lg is virtually giving away vr headsets

by:Newland     2019-11-05
Samsung to enter virtual reality, South Korea\'s smartphone peers --
Manufacturer LG is working with Google with its own headphones.
Unlike the $199 Samsung Gear VR headset, the LG 3g VR will be available free of charge to the owner of the company\'s flagship LG 3g tablet.
Although the design of the cardboard production project based on Googleit-
LG\'s headphones are made of plastic and are specially designed for the location of LG 3g phones and their buttons and other controls.
The headset also has a side
The installed nd ring magnet, when the phone is inside the headset, will work with the top sensor of phablet.
This will allow users to remotely select apps and settings on phablet, which means apps and other settings can be found without touching the screen.
\"While it\'s still in its infancy, it\'s just the beginning of the virtual reality movement, and until recently, the virtual reality movement is still expensive and everyday consumers have no access to it,\" said Chris Yie . \", Vice President and Head of Marketing Communications, LG Electronics Mobile Communications.
\"By using Google Cardboard, not only will the average consumer be able to participate in the VR experience, we will be able to introduce the technology to future developers, one day they may show us how we can improve our lives with virtual reality.
LG will launch 3g to promote virtual reality in the \"Select market\" starting this month, consumers who get one of the headphones can also download the free virtual reality game \"robobliation\" through the QR code included in the headset package \".
And, because the headset is based on the blueprint for the Google Cardboard project, it will also be compatible with existing cardboard VR applications already available on the Google Play Store.
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