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lexus dreams flying cars, builds hoverboard prototype

by:Newland     2019-11-09
Be careful, the world.
Toyota will return to the future.
The automaker has hinted it will investigate the flying car.
Now, Lexus\'s luxury brand has actually created a working model for hoverboards.
Yes, a hovercraft that actually works.
This is true, but not for sale. Yet.
Liquid nitrogen for plates-
According to the Lexus website, the high temperature and magnets that have been cooled.
The technology has grown rapidly in Toyota\'s home country.
Last year, a Japanese railway company set a new world speed record with magnetic materials.
Suspended trains.
Toyota started trying the car a year ago.
\"This is very confidential information, but we have been working on flying cars in our state-of-the-art R & D field,\" said yoshiyoshi Yoshiki, managing director of Toyota technology management group, said at Bloomberg\'s next big summit in June 2014 in sosalito, California.
\"The flying car means the car is only a little bit away from the road, so it doesn\'t have any friction or resistance from the road.
\"It\'s been 30 years since the first\" back to the future \"movie was released, and Marty mcfay only jumped on a suspended skateboard in the second film that was released in 1989 to escape him
Lexuslan plans to start testing prototypes in Barcelona this summer and is looking forward to a special date related to the film.
Lexus says more information will be disclosed
It was October.
Dr. Marty and his girlfriend Jennifer on the 2015 th returned to the day to come.
But really?
They don\'t need roads where they\'re going.
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